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How to Watch Movies on Youtube

April 14, 2012 by admin  
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We’ve been hearing and extolling the perks of social media in Iran, and rightly so. Despite the government kicking journalists out of the country, news is still spreading about the protests and unrest following the country’s disputed presidential election. Social media services, like Twitter and YouTube, are playing a big role in helping the world watch the events, but how do we know exactly what’s happening, how can we trust the reports, and how can we help? To talk about those three topics, we turn to Jonathan Strickland from, and illustrious freelance journalist Cyrus Farivar about the subject. Cyrus, who has been covering the topic for numerous outlets, says he’s found it’s important to remain critical of the words of social media. While it’s easy to get wrapped up in the story, protesters and governments might have ulterior motives for using social media. And while journalists might have been booted from the country, more traditional sources of news can help filter through some of the information and at least put a stamp of approval on some of the info. (Hear his story on PRI’s The World) Jonathan gives us a pointer for a way we can help that’s beyond turning a twitter icon green, he points to people using anonymous proxy servers to get info out of Iran. There are a few options, including Psiphon, which turn regular users’ computers into proxy servers for oppressed users around the world. Distributed by Tubemogul.


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  14. evilmoneysystem says:

    Totally blinded. How can anyone believe the mainstream medias specially when it about Iran. The world need to check who own all of our medias. Zionist own all. To believe them about Iran Is just plain stupid. Iran young ones have, and they were deceived in to believing their election was rigged. Our medias are trying to sale us another war. So those power? freaks can profit by selling armament and take control of Iran resource. While we die and pay. Wake up world.

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