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How To Use The Internet Anonymously – Avoid Censorship Or Internet Blocks

March 20, 2012 by admin  
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It’s Nick, Live from the blanket fort, telling you how to avoid censorship or internet blocks. As stated in the video I don’t support any illegal activity including using these techniques in countries where circumventing censorship is illegal, This information is for educational purposes only. This information is readily available elsewhere, and has been used, for example, in Iran to organize for democracy and freedom. I present this information solely to help make it more well known. I’m in no way affiliated with ANY political group, and never have been, although I do believe in democracy and freedom, and peoples rights to it. Please do not use this information for trivial uses, such as a odd want for total anonymous browsing of everyday material, circumventing your company or jobs blocks, etc….there are many others who NEED the bandwidth supplied by a small number of people willing to help. By all means if you believe your company or organization can host a server to help, look into it further.

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2 Responses to “How To Use The Internet Anonymously – Avoid Censorship Or Internet Blocks”
  1. NickBrianWalters says:

    @LetsBringJoy You’re welcome. Thanks to you as well, as I suppose I don’t keep up with the latest “goings on” around youtube, and watched your video on Kony 2012. I had no idea about this and watched the short film afterwords. Pretty? crazy stuff to say the very least.

  2. LetsBringJoy says:

    Thanks a lot!?

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