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How to use proxy server, how to set proxy server, anonymous web surfing -pt1of4

November 17, 2011 by admin  
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This video was recorded for educational purposes. Video shows how to hide or fake your ip address. This video also shows how to use Proxy Server IP and how to set them with your favorite web browser IE, Firefox or Google Chrome. It has a very useful information for people who is trying to hide their ip for legal purposes and browse the web anonymously. Video was split into 4 parts. Please watch them all in the links bellow. —*****— part 1 of 4: (currently watching) Part 2 of 4: part 3 of 4: part 4 of 4: I used Moroz Video Capture software and Microsoft Power Point to capture this video tutorial. I also used Moroz Video Converter to convert my video for youtube in the best quality as possible with the smaller size as possible. Please and thumbs up for my hard work. Also subscribe and learn IT from Pros.


11 Responses to “How to use proxy server, how to set proxy server, anonymous web surfing -pt1of4”
  1. starfaery says:

    @morozacademy I don’t think it’s hard to find, you just search “fast ip proxy hider”. on google.

  2. morozacademy says:

    @starfaery Yeah, setting proxy for overall system is better and safest. Because it covers the whole inet output. However web is ok for those who just need to search web pages. As again, it is hard to find a fast web proxy server but when you will find – you can use it and everything load fast.
    Tanks for watching.

  3. starfaery says:

    I wonder what is safest? Using webproxy, downloading programs, or setting your computer proxies, manually? All I know, is that when browsing forums, using webproxy, java, javascript, and plugins, should be turned of. in general having them of, will limit search options img. loading, or and video loading. And websites might not load correct, but otherwise that’s the smartest thing.

  4. johnthericher says:

    @danielcubillosk yeah me too.
    my crime is that im gonna unblock porno websites lol
    it’s blocked in this fuckin country i live in

  5. djdavies92 says:

    @morozacademy no problem thanks for the upload, very easy to understand i shall look out for more videos from yourself.

  6. morozacademy says:

    @djdavies92 Yes, you can watch us website that is restricted to USA. Make sure use us proxy ip. Thanks for watching.

  7. djdavies92 says:

    could you use this to view sites such as which can only seen in america?

  8. morozacademy says:

    @danielcubillosk Well if you will use this video to commit a crime or do some illegal activities – law will come and grab you. So I am not suggesting you. This video shows how to see yahoo news for another country for instance, because your ip will be different and news will be different as well. This video was not recorded with criminal meaning. I am not advicing you to commit any illegal or criminal stuff anyways.

  9. danielcubillosk says:

    @Kumbalaa why ? go and learn some English you CUNT

  10. danielcubillosk says:

    i am a criminal, thanks for the video

  11. Kumbalaa says:

    In Spanish please!!

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