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How to use myprivateproxy.net proxies with proxifier

May 30, 2012 by admin  
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www.myprivateproxy.net – We Provide High Speed Highly Anonymous Private Proxies | Proxies for Seo Scrapebox

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You can bypass parental and security control systems in a few ways. One of them is to use a proxy server. In this video you can see how simple it is.

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25 Responses to “How to use myprivateproxy.net proxies with proxifier”
  1. JunHe123 says:

    doesn’t work bitch!,? parental block has block everything

  2. Scarx2gt says:

    Proxy websites, using cmd, using proxy anonymity software…all are shit methods..I need a way to? unblock everything…including being able to download torrents and go on Steam…. I managed to do this once..but cant remember how I did it..

  3. everyking900 says:

    dude like the first? 30 sec you dont do anything

  4. AleksAMounT says:

    hello there! can you please help me? i tried to register to mmohax.com but every time i try it? says this:

    Sorry, you cannot register with a proxy. If you feel this is in error please use the contact link.

    can you make a video how to set off proxy server? please help me

  5. HippieGuitarBoy says:

    Brilliant video. Thanks a bunch, but I’ve run into a slight problem. Although sites are now accessable, the videos of the sites won’t show. Any idea? why?

  6. blakegriggs81 says:

    I didn’t think it was that easy?

  7. coolpeopleit says:

    err, the flash player? dosen’t work

  8. lkristijan says:


  9. huntersxscape says:

    how can? i remove proxies?

  10. EspadaFung says:

    Free proxy? services at proxy(.)voucherexpress(.)co(.)cc

  11. valekula says:

    It is very? interesting but there are other ways

  12. valekula says:

    It is? very interesting but there are other ways

  13. martinjola says:

    Bog,dobro pri?aš ameri?ki ko? materinji..

  14. 334KiddBreeze says:

    your fuckin everyone DONT TRY THIS? SHIT is trickin u thats why i dont have it in english

  15. t1mem4ging says:

    @hotmonkey000 I will take care.?

  16. iGamingi says:


  17. iGamingi says:

    Like i said its not his pc, so he didnt type it? ;D

  18. 468304 says:

    erm shut the? fuck up vodafone restrict my pc cuz im not 18 yet n u wat i bet ur a fuking tramp u bellend

  19. skaterclare says:

    omg even my parental? control blocks that site!!!!!

  20. backslapable says:

    i? fucked your mom

  21. joseph4553 says:

    the public? proxy website is updated and i can’t find the what u need to do.

  22. PivsterXD says:

    it doesnt look like that anymore. it doesnt show the ip adress. it just shows the links.?

  23. iGamingi says:

    lol babys? who cant afford there own pc tramps.

  24. j2e2dublfre says:

    lol? fail

  25. flokarh99 says:

    wasup? ur croatian yh

    add me on yt

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