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How to use java with a proxy browser?

September 25, 2012 by admin  
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Question by : How to use java with a proxy browser?

I am trying to access videos on from outside the us. Proxify and other proxy browsers give me access to the site, but then it says that javascript is required to view the video. Javascript is enabled on my browser, but somehow it isn’t recogonized when using the proxy. How do I enable java on the proxy?

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Answer by ยข??? ??????
Don’t think you can to be honest.
I think its a javascript AND a Flash thing, most proxies disable these features to stop people doing exactly what you want to do. It’s heavy bandwidth for them.

I watch tons of US tv without using a proxy. Just search sites like and sidereel and you will find any show you want. The only problem you tend to get is advertising popping up in a new window before the show but just close them as soon as they open like I do and you get to watch anything. Small price to pay for watching US tv.

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2 Responses to “How to use java with a proxy browser?”
  1. Cab says:

    Proxies won’t work with videos due to Flash not working. Think about it, a free proxy owner isn’t going to pay for your video bandwidth. The easy solution to prevent a lot of bandwidth from being used is to prevent these applications from running. If you want to watch Hulu with good speed and reliability get a personal vpn, instead.

  2. streamripper7 says:

    Usually you can’t access hulu when using free proxy servers. But you can use a VPN and some other tricks to watch hulu outside the U.S.

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