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How to Use JAP

June 11, 2012 by admin  
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This 12pm tutorial will teach you how to download, install, and setup the JAP JonDo anonymity software on your computer.

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7 Responses to “How to Use JAP”
  1. nobody8955 says:

    Will it protect you when u are playing? games? , i mean can u be banned on ip

  2. PiratGeneralen says:

    smokeys wordpress c o m 2008 04 26? java anonymous proxy jap once a crook-always-a-crook

  3. 1454543 says:

    reeeeaaallly nice? video thx a lot 12pmtutorial lol

  4. yeshu26uk says:

    Please tell? me, how do I deactivate Jondo and proxy server, if I do not want to use it at a certain time? As Jon Do slows way down my browsers. Thanks

  5. beckwithpj says:

    this guy? sounds like mclovin

  6. yourfuturewife says:

    nice video….
    but after i changed the LAN settings, i couldnt? browse.
    so i reset them.
    i have both Google Chrome & IE….does JAP only work for IE????

  7. idenn3 says:

    Great video tells you everything to know.?

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