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how to use anon proxy server

June 26, 2012 by admin  
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this is a new tutorial on how to use anon proxy server at the end of the video i show you how to get into game data utility once you are in there press triangle over cod4 and click delete ps3 code: website to download anon proxy server mazilla Firefox

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May 1st 2012 comes on board with Blast Fax to Congress! Now I can’t say this video was instrumental in this move but I am pleased to see that “1″ Seed Idea has grown into a “We” idea! Go get them folks! Love you all!!! PS: the Tea Party has set up a fax service. I beleive there is a fee charged? Operation Move Over Move On CitiZEN~Anonymous: OPERATION Fax Blitz Politicians Work for US Citizens! Calling Anonymous to lead the charge on Operation Fax Blitz. What better way to get some of your tax dollars back then using up our appointed leaders fax paper! Imagine “thousands” bombarding hundreds of fax machines on certain key days letting your representative know first hand that your not happy with them for selling your birth rights away. It’s time for change and change comes now even if the internet is taken down … these fax machines will still be in operation. Keep key fax numbers handy! Key Dates: 2012 (White House fax number is 202-456-2461 ) Email: April 19th Revolutionary War Began 1775 May 3rd National Day of Prayer May 8th VE Day 1945 May 17 th Ascension Day May 19th Armed Forces Day May 21st Victoria Day (Canada) May 28th Memorial Day, the day we celebrate for those who died in combat to keep America FREE! These are just a few days in which you can Fax Blitz our “Elected” politicians. Let them know you will not tolerate their betrayals. Tell them they


30 Responses to “how to use anon proxy server”
  1. austonbear44 says:

    can someone? pm me a code that work as of this month. thank you

  2. wucko98 says:

    MInecraft? <3 :D

  3. FerrariturboGaming says:

    I Used? Chrome and it works Fine

  4. sk8erlewisss says:


  5. MarcelTHEkiller88 says:

    Why is this for PS3? I? thought a proxy server is regular for the PC…

  6. pspgamer11 says:

    how do you get? rid of it?

  7. ice0wn4g says:

    you’re welcome? :D

  8. ArtyyyyB says:

    @PS3MW2Boosting You have to browse for? older versions

  9. ArtyyyyB says:

    It works? now, thx :D

  10. ice0wn4g says:

    GUYS if you keep getting? “internet connection failed”, you probably have firewall on. make sure that’s off!

  11. ice0wn4g says:

    you? have to click files on the bar first, then click on the folder

  12. airsoftkiller678 says:

    can i do it with out mozilla? firefox ?? plz respond

  13. seriousfear says:


    Replace the (DOT)? ‘s with a fullstop.

  14. THING3100 says:

    fuck n tar!!!!!!?

  15. ice0wn4g says:

    to get the exe file:
    click on the folder? to the proxy server
    click on 0.103
    click on the 2nd link which should be the exe

  16. MrGoRiLaKiLa says:

    I got a damn tar? file instead of exe

  17. xDeltaGamingx says:


  18. ArtyyyyB says:

    OMG, Thanks m8, it worked, :D thumbs up, i was abit confused at 1st but I eventually found it, thanks? :D

  19. chrishowi23 says:

    i delete the patches but i cant go online what do i? do?????????

  20. ngumw2hacker says:

    No it dosent i? always use this and i dont have it

  21. splitskater158 says:

    i keep gettin a? rar file help

  22. littlebigcreate says:

    how do you completely remove anon proxy sever? and make sure my internet doesn’t use it and? it cant communicate with me at all? thanks

  23. SwipperHD says:

    @PS3MW2Boosting well, msg me for link to exe, since i cant post links in comments section on youtube?

  24. SwipperHD says:


  25. oscarhocking says:

    woot! get to presige15 and unlock everything with this hack, get it here!? callofduty-online-cheats[dot]tk

  26. MEMmaker3 says:

    PS: it’s FAX and not TAX blitz … K? Fax, a mechanical means in which one party transmits written communication to an other concern or party via telephone lines, from one mechanical / digital device to an other. The transmission results in a hard copy paper replication of the original message.? In this case “save a tree” does not apply.

  27. MEMmaker3 says:

    Illegal Info? Tax Evasion … where is there in this? vid that mentions taxes? What are you smoking ban”joka”??? We either stand up for our rights or we fall like domino’s in some ill gotten game. I love hearing comments like this as it just goes to prove my point – why those with an affirmative mindsets that can write with out using the “F” word can make a positive impact in this ma-ham we call “our” world. I SEE allot of talk but not much in the way of viable ACTION. My vid provides “1″ way2go

  28. banjokazooielawyer says:

    do you guys ever learn that if you do this and get caught, you will be in jail and will not be able to get? a job due to having a criminal record on your file

  29. MiamiRSVP says:

    another thing neat, will be, if/when they fax them copies? of their local wrong doings, like personal incriminating info they evade daily while in office.

  30. MasterXHackerX says:

    Excellent? !!!

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