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How to use a Proxy on skulltag?

September 10, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Jaydin Ledford: How to use a Proxy on skulltag?

I want to play Zdaemon or Skulltag (preferably skulltag, cause you can hav Zdaemon in st.) At my school, but they have a very tight web filter. I already have a ton of proxy URLs that work, and I just need a way to view and play on online servers that are up (like Invasion UAC is my favorite) using a proxy. Any suggestions?

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Answer by gussi kapphahn
Proxies are slow. I highly recommend using a VPN service. Check out

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One Response to “How to use a Proxy on skulltag?”
  1. Rana Rana says:

    These are the new best UNBLOCKING proxy website

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