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How to use a http proxy using firefox

October 1, 2012 by admin  
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Tutorial on how to use a proxy to hide your IP address when surfing the web. This tutorial covers use with the firefox browser although IE is exceptionally similar.

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A beginners tutorial on installing the Squid proxy server and applying minor configurations in Ubuntu – Part 1/3

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43 Responses to “How to use a http proxy using firefox”
  1. kiopopopoirereiuiii says:


  2. systemerror11 says:

    lots of stuff going on in this comment.
    1. If the IP is showing as yours, the proxy isnt hiding your IP.
    2. TOR is pretty secure but not perfect. Damn near? nothing is. I wrote an article on informationleak (dotnet) called “here be dragons” on the topic check it out.
    3. I use TAILS too as well as a custom Ubuntu u distro. :)

  3. qwanom says:

    When I’m using a proxy and then check what ip I have (for example in “2ip dot ru”) it shows I’m using proxy. But if I use “anonimuse”, “free-unblocker” or “hidemyass” that mentioned “2ip” show I’m NOT using proxy. So, how to hide my proxy use? Is it possible?I heard that US Army is using TOR to send classified information. Is TOR net really so secure? I used some Linux distros like “Lightweight Portable Security” (LPS is USA Defense? Dep. OS), “Tails” OS, “Liberté” and TorBrowser for Windows.

  4. Joseph Kony says:

    good job? dude, time to troll

  5. cezardoborn says:

    i forgot to? mention…proxies are slow

  6. cezardoborn says:

    a? proxy form china…now that’s a good one

  7. iRyaan says:

    @marvrks? It’s amazing you would expect any better when you’re using random free proxies to connect to your bank. Obviously they have the ability to view that information your sending to what ever website your browsing THROUGH THEIR servers.

    Why were you doing online banking though a proxy anyways? People usually use proxies to access websites that they have either been IP banned from or are unavailable to their region. It’s pure stupidity to blame for having your info stolen.

  8. systemerror11 says:

    @justinrpg @justinrpg That proxy server may be down. Try another!?

  9. missgap85 says:

    ??? You can get tons of fresh daily? proxies with ProxyHarvester :

  10. SpunkBlobs says:

    Thanks . Appreciate your reply. I actually found a solution last night while surfing around I found another site which links to hosters I can use, like depositfiles and hotfile. Next time I need to try and circumvent my Government I will skip hide? my ass lists and try another as you suggest. I tried to use TOR a good while ago (I think when it was just coming out years back) but couldn’t install a prog for it Thanks again..

  11. systemerror11 says:

    Try another proxy or maybe even a different listing – codeen is just a type of proxy that used caching (among other things) to make? them faster, and apparently in your case, doesnt like pdfs.
    If you are really having trouble, I suggest you look into TOR. Hope that helps.

  12. SpunkBlobs says:

    I am in the UK, Europe, and there is a bit of cloak & dagger stuff going on wrt blacklisted sites the government? block access to from my country. For my interest these include file servers such as Oron. There are pdf’s I want to DL from Oron but for the many many proxies I’ve tried I cannot DL pdf’s “You have requested PDF content. CoDeeN cannot be used to access such content.”. How do I get to DL pdfs? I never see any ref to CoDeeN in the proxy lists.

  13. systemerror11 says:

    That can be true. When you are using these proxies all of your traffic is being forwarded through it so it is possible that someone can sniff all of that traffic, much as someone can do the same from a public hotspot or even your home network.
    Generally speaking most logins are SSL so at least the credentials are encrypted, but yes, it is something to be aware of. Your brother is technically correct… which is the best? kind of correct!

  14. phr4nk3rd00d13 says:


  15. ProxyBoss says:

    Brilliant visual guide that details every step to achieve proxy surfing. A easy and simple to read article that is worthy of subscribing!

    This is another article to I found similar to anonymous surfing. Hope it will assist more people in understanding the process more effectively and the importance to people’s rights to privacy.

    For a full comprehensive tutorial in using web proxies, visit: bit. ly/k80mDm (*Note:? No spaces between dot(.) and ly)

  16. USMarlowe says:

    Brilliant guide that details every step to achieve proxy surfing. A easy and simple? to read article that is worthy of subscribing!

    This is another article to I found similar to anonymous surfing. Hope it will assist more people in understanding the process more effectively and the importance to people’s rights to privacy.


  17. iiTzQuiik says:

    does this hide ur internet history from? ur service provider?

  18. Carnage1235 says:

    To be fair isn’t privacy OUR right anyway? If that’s illegal than this? world really IS fucked up.

  19. systemerror11 says:

    Not in the USA at least, it is perfectly legal.?

  20. adymagnificul says:

    is this ilegal??

  21. Blair63B says:


  22. Blair63B says:

    @marvrks were you suing a proxy when you were typing in your credit? card info?

  23. Wheelusca says:

    @marvrks woah sucks for? you )=

  24. systemerror11 says:

    tools? > options > advanced > network > settings

  25. lenbadness says:

    My Firefox doesn’t have ‘connection settings’ in ‘options’ under the ‘general’ tab. Any ideas???

  26. Felipe Jarenau says:


    Great Video! Thanks!

    But? I think using -9 signal for everything is a bit hard. It’s like saying to the proccess “close and shut up!”, and the proccess doesn’t “clean” everything it should be “cleaned”.
    It’s better to use signal “-15″ if you want to give the proccess the chance to exit correctly.

    Or even easier way could be use the “restart” option instead the “start” option on Squid service.

  27. maanas9 says:

    wow that was a great video, but could you please tell me one more thing ? say i want my all users go through my proxy server and see only a? single database. where do i set up this website/database link ?

  28. Kang Mamuza says:

    nice share…?

  29. InfinitMachine says:

    line 3405? is now line 3754

  30. Conrad Holec says:

    i appreciate the quick reply. Would be an advantage if im only running one or? two computers?

  31. danscourses says:

    There are a few benefits to running your own proxy server, the main one is you can filter web and domain requests so you can block your users from reaching bad or inappropriate websites. Squid can also cache frequently requested websites which can speed web browsing. Running your own proxy? server, all of your network web requests are being requested by the proxy server, but if you are hosting your own proxy, the requests are still coming from your IP address, so you are not really anonymous.

  32. Conrad Holec says:

    great videos!! Thanks a lot. This helps alot. I just wanna make sure that I’m using Squid for the right reasons. I basically want to remain anonymous when on the internet when using all computers at home. I have a server with debian, and i plan on installing squid on there. Once squid is installed i forward the info from all my other computers to run through? my proxy server (my machine with debian). Is that correct??


  33. aspansyahbudin says:

    Nice Tutorial, nice explanation?

  34. Luckwin Fernando says:

    I enjoyed your video and I am going to Try? this @ my Machine …

  35. megalomank says:

    hi danscourses can? u explain abou refresh_pattern with a video… realy confius about it… tenks

  36. tooly228 says:

    Thanks a lot for the help! You rock!!?

  37. danscourses says:

    Part 3 is located here

  38. standwalker says:
    Thank you very much!?

  39. danscourses says:

    Sorry? I miss understood you. Here is the title of the 3rd part tutorial: Block Website Domains using ACLs w/ Squid in Ubuntu – 3/3 Beginner

  40. danscourses says:

    if you? want to you can send me the configuration file

  41. czar4you says:

    Incorrect parameters, please try again. Thats what? i get

  42. danscourses says:

  43. czar4you says:

    Where is part 3 to squid?
    Install? & Configure Squid Proxy Server in Ubuntu – 3/3 Beginner

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