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How to Update Facebook Using Text Message

April 12, 2012 by admin  
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11 Responses to “How to Update Facebook Using Text Message”
  1. ivlark1 says:

    might be ur? network.. i got verizon.(i live in the usa.)

  2. dsaguilardenis says:

    me neither….. I actually thought about the Country…. it is allowed just in the USA???……. please Help¡¡ thanks ?

  3. Skwiib says:

    ummm why isnt? fido on there?

  4. smorales247 says:

    what if my operator is not? shown?

  5. gavindude5rspro says:

    ahahahah the add before? this video was i just had sex

  6. kilme39 says:

    Its free if you can receive texts
    for example: i have unlimited texts so i can? post unlimited updates
    another example: if someone has 300 texts they can only receive 300 updates and/or normal texts

  7. DjFerhatYozgat says:

    Is this? free?

  8. oldsrgolds says:

    14 Friend? ReQuests?

  9. sonlemonbell says:

    im not learning anything on this Video…. Just want to look at? her face…. She is so beautiful. The most beautiful girl i have ever seen…..

  10. ivlark1 says:

    i never got the? code… =/

  11. pmwfilm says:

    I’m tired and I want to go? home

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