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How to unblock Facebook without a proxy?

August 31, 2011 by admin  
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Question by carolinagirl:): How to unblock Facebook without a proxy?

We blocked it during the year and now we want to unblock it, but my father forgot what he did to unblock it to begin with.

How can we unblock it without using a proxy?

Best answer:

Answer by Sir Nerdsy
I assume you blocked it through use of your router.Try visiting, or,, or, etc, until you see your Router’s web page. Then, go to “Access Restrictions” (At least this is what it looks like for our router) and unblock it from there. If you blocked it on just the local computer (if it’s just on one, then open a terminal (command prompt if you use Windows) and type in (for Linux machines, as follows) gksudo gedit (or whatever you wish to use) /etc/hosts”, and press enter. For Windows, it is as follows (I think, haven’t done it in a year or two) “whateveryouwanttousetoedititwith C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts”, and press enter.
Then, remove the “127.0.01 facebook.com” from wherever it may be.

Suggestions, as I don’t have enough information here.

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  1. Raj H says:

    Reset your router and operating system to factory defaults.

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