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How to Surf the Web Anonymously via Proxy/Torrent

November 15, 2010 by admin  
Filed under Videos We look on a nice and easy to use software a modified firefox browser where you can surf anonymous via the tor network.

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default How to Surf the Web Anonymously via Proxy/Torrent

please comment so that i know its working for others adress 3127 port go to for more method to unlock website in ksa u will be able to visit most of the websites copyright protected if the method doesnt works for u u can use this if this also stops post acomment i ‘ll update it icon smile How to Surf the Web Anonymously via Proxy/Torrent

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52 Responses to “How to Surf the Web Anonymously via Proxy/Torrent”
  1. wotusay69 says:

    …i agree with CypereZe, it may give u the illusion that ur invisible, but dont u think if u can do this so easy, how easy is it to undo, its a code on ur system, and when detected can be undone easy, programs can be set to automatically search for this code and undo it AUTOMATICALLY.
    bout as secure as a chastity belt made of tracing paper

  2. piratedtop says:

    i think the only metod to not get cot is to hide in the best mode your ip wen you are doalowding or other thinks like send trojan or keylooger

  3. CypereZe says:

    Also, I forgot to mention – This TOR program will slow your brandwidth down.. And when I say that, it’s not like 10kb/s it’ slows you down with. More likely somewhere around 90kb/s.

  4. CypereZe says:

    Guys, this won’t work.

    Remember these are professionals that is tracking you down, a simple TOR program won’t help anything. Sucks, I know. In Sweden this is a huge law now, and 50% of the Swedish people’s have been tracked down and been getting to prison or got a huge bill.

    The web is such a un-secure place.
    Keep that in mind.


  5. 22antrim says:


  6. pwnstr08 says:

    why does it give as your ip alot of the time captal cities like london uk, paris france, etc seems strange to me

  7. KINGTIKO360 says:

    He is using Ubuntu.

  8. soundsliketruck says:

    couldnt the government track you still?

  9. JohnEko says:

    0:05 – “This is the same is goth a new name” WTF?

  10. Pnutlmclain says:

    binyard your net is to slow

  11. KnowThyself24 says:

    does this really work?!

  12. binyard says:

    tor is slow.

  13. derapfelstrudel says:

    “The proxy server is refusing connections:
    Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.”
    Now what??

  14. scumzerox says:

    calm down lol

  15. chitons21 says:

    This is not needed today but as the gov’t gets more fascist it will be an important tool of those with enough spine to resist.

  16. wiliscool says:

    Wow another worthless video. Congrats 5min studio you just lost a subscriber.

  17. helmus2000 says:

    Well you might be anonymous, but your surfing on 1337 servers, i’m pretty sure your not having a lot of privacy there.
    + how can you be sure those servers arn’t keeping log files.

    I can’t see any use in this, apart from surfing on websites that gave you an ip ban.

  18. WrathfulAchilles says:

    sucks ass, watch my video and ill show you how to be anonymous on the web

  19. VanisherXP says:

    The Tor network may be anonymous but it is not secure, there has been many cases of people hosting servers sniffing on your data.

    …And you could just use an high aninimity proxy with firefox without installing another browser aniways…

  20. rffshvj says:

    horribly slow! I couldn’t use something like that!

  21. fea168 says:

    I would be so annoyed if my internet connection was that slow.

  22. lustriecki says:

    first comment
    i am behind 7 proxies
    posting cp

  23. DaisukeDiru says:


  24. itsmystyle420 says:


  25. MultiTrollkiller says:

    just download hotspot shield easier :P

  26. jeriexpress says:

    your kung fu is weak,,,,just use hotspot shield… free vpn software with this you can open any site,any net games will work,its free and works even to your companys internet,,LAMER

  27. lonelyadnan says:

    @giricodimax do you do same thing with ur mother also shame on u boy

  28. giricodimax says:

    fuck ur mother asshole

  29. adamespoir says:

    ***** 5 stars thank you adnan

  30. adamespoir says:

    ***** 5stars thank you adnan

  31. lonelyadnan says:

    this meothd doesnt work any more

  32. Mada15xD says:

    Does this work on a mac ?? Plz reply

  33. lonelyadnan says:

    user name itself muslim n using words like f*** may allah forgive u

  34. Muslimteen1 says:


  35. lonelyadnan says:

    i m sorry for your english seems ur father is bangaly n mother is nepali n y dont U go to usa or uk if u want porn
    this video is not to open porn sites
    only sites like orkut n downling site like megaupload u dash dash dash i dont use abusive words as i belong to a civilised society not like u south african wearing leaves n dancing n if u can access to blocked websites in usa or uk y r u searching videos to unblock u dash dash dash

  36. Majortomco says:

    ur so sad
    porn isn’t that big of a thing a specialy that u r arabic im ashamed of ur stupid ass u stupid ass hole

    i dont know how r u arabic or close to arabs

    u should go to usa or uk and watch porn there not here u peice of shit

  37. BShuwaier says:

    every time i put the numbers and put ( ok ) and put any web it says : ( Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

    Most likely causes:
    You are not connected to the Internet.
    The website is encountering problems.
    There might be a typing error in the address )

  38. lonelyadnan says:

    use same method or seee my other videos

  39. shiningbluestarz says:

    hey whats up do you know how 2 unblock ((omans))wepsites

  40. lonelyadnan says:

    Bring Me To Life
    Anywhere But Home
    by the way if u want to check a songs name applied to a video just click
    Statistics & Data above

  41. ntelc2d says:

    song name please ?

  42. theblackoutofficial says:

    i nearly lost my connection until i unchecked it

  43. lonelyadnan says:


  44. ghe5f3 says:

    hey should i change the adress ????? plz reply fast

  45. wwefan9872 says:

    but then my internet connection fails

  46. lonelyadnan says:

    go back to tool internet options connection lan setting & uncheck (use a proxy proxy server for your lan thats it

  47. wwefan9872 says:

    it makes my internet slow as hell wtf do i do please help and when its connecting it would not connect no more :( please help

  48. lonelyadnan says:

    reverse the process it will alright


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