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How To Start Using JAP/JonDo

January 4, 2013 by admin  
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This Program from JonDo company , all copy right reserved to JonDo company. I did this tutorial because I haven’t seen any tutorial in how to use JAP/JonDo , the proxy servers program. you can download it from here: Also you need to download the latest Java from here: ***Download it from the first picture you see. only “JAVA” is written on it. Thank you for watching my video The666Rev icon smile How To Start Using JAP/JonDo

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An outraged by proxy anonymous internet user gets outraged.


3 Responses to “How To Start Using JAP/JonDo”
  1. Joclebson Maca says:

    Thanks,? very good

  2. Juan David Narvaez says:

    friend as I can? install on debian linux

  3. glhmedic says:

    Ok I have a Macbook and I am running JonDo. When I go to their website to test my anonymity it says I? am not anonymous. My app shows there is a level but test shows otherwise. So what gives?

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