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How to Setup Tor(Anonymous Web Browsing)

July 11, 2012 by admin  
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Tor is by far the easiest and most secure way to browse the world wide web while still keeping your identity and almost any trace of you completely anonymous.

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How to get a proxy server into Google Chrome.

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24 Responses to “How to Setup Tor(Anonymous Web Browsing)”
  1. mikeob4u2 says:

    dose anyone know what file extention is used? to open vidalia im on widows 7 and it can’t open it

  2. Neil dePaulSagan says:

    What? happened to the Torbutton? How essential is it?

  3. GaussTBB says:

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  4. aloozer says:

    i? wanna use google chrome browser with Tor. can’t seem to get around it. any ideas?

  5. FByhslaw says:

    thanks? for tut

  6. InsideTheMindOfGio says:

    The? more recent versions could have changed, but it shouldn’t effect anything negatively.

  7. IGUANARUANA says:

    i’ve recently downloaded tor and firefox. tor doesn’t? come with the file firefoxportable.ini, is this a problem?

  8. InsideTheMindOfGio says:

    No idea, try deleting TOR? and replacing it with fresh files.

  9. InsideTheMindOfGio says:

    Yes, it should come with the browser bundle. I should mention this video is a bit dated,Firefox is on version 8 now, and I’m sure a later version of Tor is available. Just download a clean version of the? bundle and see if that works for you.

  10. EdwardAlexanderIII says:

    @InsideTheMindOfGio Does polipo come with the tor browser bundle or must i download it separately? Because @ 4:46 under proxy settings when I attempt to click ‘use? polipo’ it won’t allow me to check it off

  11. InsideTheMindOfGio says:

    These are not custom settings, this is how they should look. If it doesn’t work try using the default. The main point is all traffic should be pointed locally? to be handled by Polipo.

  12. EdwardAlexanderIII says:

    @ 4:46 i tried using your custom settings but no luck. It wouldn’t let me.

    What difference would it make if i just use? recommended settings?

  13. InsideTheMindOfGio says:

    While all of this may be true, it has nothing? to do with this video nor what he was talking about. The .onion content is its own monster, but is easily avoidable by anyone with half a brain.

  14. videogames73 says:

    .onion is known? for illegal things such as assassins for hire, drug sales, and other illegal things like kiddie porn etc. Tor, or the other hand, is completely legal because you dont have to use .onion, and being anonymous is completely legal. Also, not all of .onion is illegal, but it is very easy to find the “bad stuff”.

  15. InsideTheMindOfGio says:

    Yes, your ip will appear to be different. Note that SOME(not all) websites can detect when your traffic? is abnormal.

  16. GabrielBlidar says:

    I have? a permanent ban on a site , if i use this will let my account be on it again or not ?

  17. InsideTheMindOfGio says:

    The whole point of Tor is to remain anonymous. Nobody is really interested in your browsing habits. The only thing you’d have to worry about is bad nodes on the network,? they are few and far between though. Tor is not a few servers here or there, but hundreds if not thousands of nodes all around the world hosted by anonymous people.

  18. blaqoD says:

    damn right? last point

  19. madass21 says:

    “But there is nothing illegal about remaining anonymous” Yeaa but if your doing illegal activity then thats illegal, like surfing the web in order to make a Bomb and stuff. My question is could the Tor Creators , monitor me and see? why i want to be anonymous!

  20. InsideTheMindOfGio says:

    No…just no. With SSL they could not really get anything useful from your browsing. But there? is nothing illegal about remaining anonymous.

  21. madass21 says:

    When you connect to a proxy sever, couldn’t that sever see what you sites you go? on. In an effort to trick us, so they say its anonymous but really its the opposite! So if i was working on terriosm the TOR Creators could report it . And ill have the FBI at my door and be arrested for conspiracy of “terriosm”. And basicly be betrayed by the very people of Tor!

  22. jamesharrisjames says:

    Very articulate and educating. Enjoyable to listen? to. Thanks

  23. InsideTheMindOfGio says:

    If you did it? the way I did in the video, then make sure you have the Flash Player plugin installed for Firefox on the computer.
    Otherwise none of the plugins will work. This is how Tor is supposed to be.

  24. xMADxK1LLERx says:

    yea thanks dude but when i turn tor on it tells me that i? dont have flash player please help me :(

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