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How to setup an Anon Proxy Server (PS3 Bypass any game)

August 30, 2012 by admin  
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Warning Never Do This On Black Ops You Get Deranked Anon Proxy Download: Code: You use this to bypass games but you will need to delete the game Update. lol i just noticed that My tag was spelt wrong oh well i cba to change it.


9 Responses to “How to setup an Anon Proxy Server (PS3 Bypass any game)”
  1. brandon martin says:

    can you host me a cl ill subscribe to? you

  2. AwesomeSniper11 says:

    It wont? sign me in help me plz!

  3. moe12p13 says:

    i give need hack for any game add me on psn my hack account is : xX_ALL_HACK_Xx? and my normal account is mohamed1997

  4. MobsterZombieAttack says:

    Ok, guys, if already deleted your cod4 data before PS, you? need to download 1.40, and THEN re-delete it, and make sure your Proxy server is on,.


    signs me? straight out?

  6. madgl25 says:

    i host mw2 cl add me? on psn ONE_SHOT_K1LLR

  7. limitless20k says:

    it won’t let me is says it? can’t connect

  8. kalvybbz says:


  9. tricia9902 says:

    if you bypass black ops and? get deranked you get dereanked on that account only right

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