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How to set up proxy for your Torrent program

July 23, 2012 by admin  
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How to set up proxy for your Torrent program ,if torrent is not downloading change port ,you can find new port for zamunda at

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21 Responses to “How to set up proxy for your Torrent program”
  1. TheMegaMasterX says:

    Stand for? the Youtube Anthem!

  2. maxsilbert says:

    seriously wat the fuck? is 009 sound system! i see it on every fucking youtube video! can anyone tell me?

  3. TheKingOfTechnology says:

    the website? not loading.

  4. hristomax19 says:

    its better than jb? justin bieber

  5. hristomax19 says:

    i like this song i dont understand why dont you like it?

  6. Stupidpupp says:

    Dreamscape was good only the first? 1000 times…..

  7. cmajor1995 says:

    i thumbs down the video when i heard that fuckin gay? ass song

  8. MrAdamthegrim says:

    I muted? as soon as I saw the artist…. 0:00

  9. Slawter692 says:

    Ah,? i see.

  10. bodygank says:

    I know that already which is why people need to learn which songs they can add? to their videos and if they do have to replace it then use one of the many OTHER songs in the list instead of this noise which will make sure the video doesn’ even get watched.

  11. Slawter692 says:

    Hey buddy, thats the song youtube uses to replace a copyrighted song.? Maybe you should inform yourself before calling other people retards.

  12. bodygank says:

    Stopped the video the second I heared that fucking? song.

    When will you retards learn that overused songs gets your videos thumbed down and not watched!!!

  13. baggens55 says:

    how lazy can you be that you don’t? even GLANCE near the description?

  14. hristomax19 says:

    what? is the song

  15. zerolv30000 says:

    Yeah dude,? do you know what’s the port?

  16. pengu5981 says:

    probably dont know but, what? is the port?

  17. owsm1 says:

    The website? never loads

  18. farrukhsahar says:

    can u tell me what is the web site name which you are typing in addess? bar? bcoz my computer have no sound to hear it

  19. Left4Danny2 says:

    No, it? makes it faster. It just makes youtube slower if you leave it on :) 3

  20. cocaineandyougotit says:

    Does it drop your download/seed? rate?

  21. Left4Danny2 says:

    use it has full anonymity.

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