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How to set up a proxy for torrenting

April 24, 2012 by admin  
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!!!!!—READ THIS FOR THE STEP BY STEP—!!!!! Using the utorrent client you can download at www.utorrent.com and the proxy server list you can find at http I show you how to set up a torrent client proxy. Step One: go to torrentproxy.org Step Two: select a sock server’s IP and port address. These will look like this: “″. The IP address are all the numbers preceding the colon, so “″ in this case. The port address or port number are the numbers following the colon, so”1690″ in this case. Copy the IP address. (Not the port number!) Step Three: Open your utorrent client. Step Four: Go to the “options” tab in utorrent and select “preferences”. Step Five: Select “connection” Step Six: Change the “proxy server” tab down to “socks5″ or “socks4″ depending on whichever ip address you grabbed. Step Seven: Paste in the IP address in the empty box labeled “Proxy:” Step Eight: Return to .torrentproxy.org and copy all the numbers following the colon. (So in this example case: “″, 1690 would be the numbers you need to copy. Step Nine: Return to the utorrent client and enter the port numbers into the box labeled “Port”. Step Ten: Check the following boxes: Use Proxy for hostname look-ups Use Proxy for peer-to-peer connections Disable all DNS lookups Disable features that leak identifying information Then click apply! That’s all there is to it. Enjoy, be smart.

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2 Responses to “How to set up a proxy for torrenting”
  1. enigmas00 says:

    Well, what a proxy does is redirect your torrenting traffic through a different server whose location you determine when you select which proxy to utilize. They would need to get a court order to pry open that proxy? server’s mainframe to find out, so if you use one that’s out of the country, yes, you’d be pretty safe. It’s not 100%, but it nearly? is if you do it in? a smart and safe manner.

  2. niteplanet says:

    Thank you! Does this 100% protect you from your ISP??

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