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How to set a proxy server in Firefox

November 4, 2010 by admin  
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Using a proxy server can help you unblcock filtered sites. This video will show you how to set a proxy server in Firefox browser step by step.

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26 Responses to “How to set a proxy server in Firefox”
  1. joshtemplin3 says:

    Spam: can you see this emoji icon — ? — please
    respond to this.


  2. ralax3 says:

    Isn’t this stuff ilegal ?

  3. TheImpulse57 says:

    ??? ?? ? ??? ???? ????? ??=)))

  4. EspadaFung says:

    Try this new proxy yea! proxy(.)voucherexpress(,)co(,)cc

  5. ibrahimkhanz says:

    hi plz can u find me one for uk i cant find it

  6. adeuja25 says:

    Hi I am from Nepal, we used to have proxy server here directly from the ISP, but now it has been stopped, can you suggest me such a proxy server that works worldwide? WIthout the use of it, I am having difficulty using Bittorrent and Youtube and my download speed is extremely slow that is about 22 kbps whereas few months ago i used to download at about 333 kbps with proxy server,please provide me with a best proxy server that runs worldwide. Thanks in Advance

  7. codershopSoftware says:

    To check your proxy watch my video and go on my website =)

  8. fjl3 says:

    For a constantly checked list of Proxies? check out ProxyCampDOTinfo

  9. ThePyroProduction says:

    i found a great article that really helped me watch BBC Iplayer with proxys. now i can watch Top Gear even tho i live in france. and its free unlike the other paid for ones just visit:
    (replace * with . ) 2 1 sec ago

  10. BenjaminE152 says:

    @EnergizedBeast yes it does, all the other settings stay the same, the only change is that firebox routes all connections through a proxy IP address instead of your local one

  11. EnergizedBeast says:

    When using a proxy server do the website you visit show up in your history?

  12. niposs says:

    i use this site but I get 0 results at the index

  13. DigiTan000 says:

    I’m over here, my friends!

    ..or am I over…HERE?

  14. MCSpidah says:

    None of you are ever safe using a proxy , because [I'm not being bigheaded here but..] none of you really pay much attention when an error comes up ,it’s like ah bypass it ,when a download for an activex cab comes up ,yes ,I mean as a learning hacking I see this people and I really do wonder if they known anything ,it’s like people protest to microsoft about various flaws in there system but havn’t got a clue how it even works and what they’re talking about.

  15. TheRealCreww says:

    no….. lol

  16. blackboss19 says:

    thanks 5 *

  17. Zadoory says:

    Can I feel safe to download torrents by using this type of proxy server?

  18. xTheRiddler45x says:

    sites dont work when i do this

  19. cbappa1 says:

    where am i

  20. allkillano says:

    or hacking

  21. Therealme11 says:

    Slow as fuck, chose another, an 80 proxy port or so

  22. pocketbanana says:

    you use it to surf the web anonymously like for when you are downloading torrents or trolling.

  23. stylakidd says:

    what can that be used for? im new to this stuff u see

  24. BlueMestizo26 says:

    i’ve been able to use this site. you have to really test and search for a good connection. i usually recommend a port 80 proxy. i’m using one of the domican republic and this connection is pretty quick. i’ve tried others and some didn’t connect and some were completely slow. good job on this video. thanks!

  25. shahrizal16 says:

    Thanks, this works for me :)


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