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How to Make an Absolutely FREE Wireless Lagswitch!

April 29, 2012 by admin  
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Please support my work and Subscribe to my Channel. It is free so please Subscribe, thanks. SONG: Voodoo Too by Godsmack I was the person who found this. By me. Yes. Okay, it was originally on my old YouTube Channel but I stopped using it. But if you ask, I’ll give you the Channel name. WRITTEN TUTORIAL In order for this to work, you must be the host of a match. You may be the host of a Private Match or Online but you must be the host! Your computer also must be on the same NetWork as your Xbox (Both be using the same Router or Modem) INSTRUCTIONS 1. Open up a blank NotePad Document 2. Type in “ping -t -l 60000″ minus the quotation marks 3. Open up your Internet browser and go to Google 4. Search for “Proxy List” minus the quotes 5. Click on IP Address 6. Search for a High Anonymous Proxy Server 7. Copy the IP and Paste it into your NotePad Document 8. Delete the colon and the digits following it Example:″:80″ – Delete what is in the quotes 9. Click on File – Save as – Then name it as you please, but make sure you save it as a batch! Exanple: Lagswitch.bat (It won’t work if you don’t!!!) 10. Open up multiple times to create lag Don’t forget to Comment, Rate what you think it deserves, and Subscribe! As I will be putting out videos more frequently, so don’t miss them and Subscribe! Next video: How to Mod Your XBL GamerTag!


10 Responses to “How to Make an Absolutely FREE Wireless Lagswitch!”
  1. oneshotpwner says:

    … i click it multiple times for the? lag but no lag frm players … in my private match .. help plz??

  2. EmmetDeFrayne says:

    What? an ass

  3. Airmast3r says:

    heyy? how come it doesnt lag for it… it just says request timed out

  4. d33f4wl7 says:

    What is the reason for using a lagswitch? Is it because you? suck at the game?

  5. USMBclanProductionZ says:

    lolo rated 4? background

  6. USMBclanProductionZ says:


  7. USMBclanProductionZ says:


  8. zBLacKIcee says:

    suck my dick. let me? know what you think of my new avatar.. kay?

  9. northshore95 says:

    LOL nice background,? but this is simple MS-DOS command my friend…easy stuff…

  10. zBLacKIcee says:

    Video is still processing, quality may? not be the best.

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