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How To Make A Wireless Lag Switch Using Notepad !

May 19, 2012 by admin  
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This is a tutorial on how to make a wireless lag switch using notepad ! Code – ping -t -l 60000 Website For IP’s – You can use this method for all games, so its a real good gaming advantage ! Please, if you have any questions message me, also send me a video response so your videos can also help the community quicker. 1)open up notepad and type ping -t -l 60000 2)go to google and search for proxy list 3)go to the one with the sitename 4)click on anonymous USA proxy server (country may differ depending on where you live) 5)copy and paste the ip adress into notepad 6)go to file then save as and save the file as lag switch.bat 7)THE FILE EXTENSION MUST BE .bat OR IT WILL NOT WORK 8)when you are host open up the saved program 5-6 times and everyone will lag except for you! Yet again, Thanks for watching … And remember to subscribe.

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default How To Make A Wireless Lag Switch Using Notepad !

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


41 Responses to “How To Make A Wireless Lag Switch Using Notepad !”
  1. weemarkie2k11 says:

    Does this really work and if it does what can I test it on??

  2. crazyblackopshacker2 says:

    It’s? like the lag switch you just showed, just an infinite loop.

  3. Cire605PSN says:

    got it?

  4. f0bstarj614 says:


  5. hTDrag says:

    @echo off
    color 19
    ping -t -l 60000
    goto?? :top
    To put your own color, put
    then there will be a .bat with color codes :)

  6. TheAbuhmann says:

    whats that do?

  7. E2thugs says:

    lol? thats sik!!

  8. maloneydaniel523 says:

    I? still ran as the administrator and it didnt work

  9. SkullBandit1209 says:

    Thanks MAN! OKAY this is for everyone who the box will close on as soon as they open it..i? had the same problem then i right clickled and then clicked run as administrator and it worked so there you guys go!

  10. MegaExtremeGames says:

    Will this work? on Singleplayer on a bot match on Black Ops for Xbox 360?

  11. TeamDiversityEU says:

    why cant my computer open it the box comes up for like a second? then closes

  12. Bblzjone67 says:

    can i use? another proxy site?

  13. epicjakob says:

    can you lag webbsites? with this?

  14. codfanatic95 says:


  15. s3PuRe says:

    hey what all do i need to copy everything from echo off or just the? ping -t -|60000

  16. fartboi98 says:

    … It? keeps repeating

  17. BOS6940 says:

    (I’m a full time batch programmer so I know? what that does just by looking at the code)
    Basically it’s doing what you did, but looping the ping, so that way it will stay open but keep on sending the files to your router, lagging everyone while it’s open, it only needs to be opened once, with yours, it wont do much lag, his will lag a lot. The color command just changes the color of the batch window.

  18. liveitlong says:

    it make your? computer keep opening up the same program over and over and not stop

  19. lpsided says:

    why does? it always say request timed out

  20. PsychoX77 says:

    Actually, making a real lag switch might be better than this because this uses bandwidth and? is pretty much DoSing that proxy server..

  21. codfanatic95 says:

    same thing you dont need to click anymore its? looping by himself

    srry for bad english :)

  22. westboundfoot says:

    whats that one do? ?

  23. codfanatic95 says:

    copy this one :

    @echo? off
    color 9f
    ping -t -l 60000
    goto :top

  24. realvideos19 says:


  25. skyhot005 says:

    I just want to know why when i? press thumb up on comment… not +1 (even refresh page)

  26. nalisten says:

    THank you For sharing the Info!!! Gave you Thumbs? up, subbed, and your Gorgeous By the Way :)

  27. sarayahya1 says:

    thank you?

  28. rain4423 says:

    People…this video is for complete beginners to youtube, and maybe even the whole internet. Some people watching this probably are just learning how to use a computer. It IS useful to some people.?

  29. disneychannel611 says:

    what is? omfg

  30. 31Dimitar says:


  31. RibenaFanta says:

    please? make a video on how to breathe! for 13 years i still havn’t figured that one out!

  32. hotdrumchick says:

    Why don’t y’all make a video on how to get our inboxes back on the homepage the way they? used to be??!!!

  33. DifferentWhenYouSay says:

    I like this video?

  34. alwynmattathil says:

    watching this vid is wasting your time?
    this vid is so Mo Fo stupid damn

  35. XXXPharcydeXXX says:

    lol thank you where would I? be with out this video!

  36. mahalodotcom says:

    Hey guys! We know some of these? might seem very basic, but some of our videos are intended for people who have never really dived into youtube before

  37. Nebelvir123987 says:

    Do you make videos on how to take a piss? Or how to walk? :-O PLS Make a video! I? don’t know :-(

  38. CubeLuda says:

    wow! For years I’ve been trying to figure this out!! THANK YOU!!

    … Now, how do I? submit this?

  39. FlyingGold says:

    Thanks mahalodot! Where would we be? without you! …

  40. MidnightGabe says:

    ……..REALLY? OMFG?!

  41. fLiKoUnEt says:

    …..? no comment ……….

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