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how to make a mw2 lag switch

November 22, 2010 by admin  
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This is how to make a wireless lag switch psn: NBD-EXIIONZ Instructions step by step write the code formulae in the notepad – ping -t -l 60000 the go on the internet and type in proxy list look at the ip addres look for a high anonymous proxy the copy it all apart from the last digets after the last colons for eg 00000:ooo you would only copy the 5 zero’s as shown in the video then paste it into your note pad and save it on your desktop you must save it as anything you want but you must put .bat at the end of it and then your done all you doo is click it loads when your the host WARNING! – THIS PI****** PEOPLE OFF!

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9 Responses to “how to make a mw2 lag switch”
  1. xScorpio11x says:

    u must really suck a video games.. cause u need that lag switch…. loser

  2. MrPinjoo says:

    @cod2kid11 Either doesnt matter Made Commentary.

  3. MrPinjoo says:

    Making A Commentary!

  4. ElmerFuddBK says:

    Making a new vid With Commentary!!

  5. cod2kid11 says:

    does it have to be on ur main house computer or laptop

  6. millapepe says:

    I want to c the lag switch in action b4 u do it so add me and show me in private match PSN: millapepe

  7. JollyzModz says:

    yes it work sorry for got to be HOST !!

  8. MrPinjoo says:

    @JollyzModz What do you mean it didn’t work tell me the problem

  9. JollyzModz says:

    does this till work didnt work for me :(

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