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How to make a Lag Switch for FREE using Notepad (HD)

November 19, 2010 by admin  
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This is as easy as it looks. ping -t -l 60000 (IP address goes here) Go to www.samair.ru and find one that’s “high anonymous proxy.” Copy the IP before the Colon and paste it in. save as “lagswitch.bat” Run 5-6 times while in a game and there you go.

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25 Responses to “How to make a Lag Switch for FREE using Notepad (HD)”
  1. THESDA100 says:

    wat shit music in background


    PARKWAY DRIVE <33333333333

  3. jumpercables712 says:

    does this work on a wireless desktop computer

  4. ps3islegend97 says:


  5. ashboyd1 says:

    why do u bover even watching this fking video if you are complaining just fk offf you low lifers

  6. MGOPITVIP3R says:

    In my oppinion lag switchers are shit. I mean if you suck, you suck. A lag swith doesnt mean you have skill. Try winning without cheating for once. LAG SWITCHERS ARE SHIT. Get good

  7. 445Jester says:

    if u have a main dektop and a laptop and u do the lag switch on the laptop does it still work??

  8. cooljeddzs says:

    how does it do it wirelessly
    do u hav 2 plug anythin in?

  9. GL8oCARBINE says:

    @RthereNEusernames hahhaaha and the baby now wants his bottle. xD grow up

  10. RthereNEusernames says:

    @GL8oCARBINE And how is that? Because there are 10000 other videos that show how to make one and I know for a FUCKING fact, that I found it before they did. SmyD stay the fuck out of other people’s conversations. It makes you look like a baby on YouTube..

  11. GL8oCARBINE says:

    @hicfra no it doesn’t give you a virus, nor hack you in anyway it just blocks your proxy list to make you “Lag” in your games works best if your host though. xD OBV

  12. GL8oCARBINE says:

    @RthereNEusernames you are acting like a 4 year old god act your fucking age and stop posting baby-ish comments on YT fuck sake

  13. iGzuX says:

    this used to work but when i open it now it just closes straight away? help?

  14. NARproductions says:

    Okay little boy, This is not your discovery. Google it. Its been around a good few years now. You obviously saw another video / forum post and made a video. Lawlz

  15. RthereNEusernames says:

    Regardless of what you think. I found this first. Lmao. Look at the dates you dumb nigger.

  16. NARproductions says:

    In order for this to work, your computer and Xbox/PS3 have to be connected to the same router, correct?

  17. NARproductions says:


    You didnt find it first, this has been around for a while.

  18. hicfra says:

    will this work? also will this screw my computer give viruses or hack me in anyway?

  19. playerslayer2468 says:

    thank u so much

  20. xDiego619x says:

    Is that Parkway Drive

  21. xVxEX3CuT10NxVx says:

    How about everyone stops arguing over the internet because you’re making yourselves look retarded

  22. RthereNEusernames says:

    @PyRoRaPiiDz idc. I was the first to post this on YT so you can lick someone’s dick.

  23. PyRoRaPiiDz says:

    dude shutup this is simple batch and all this does is ping the proxy non stop which makes the network lag. No one found this. Batch is part of windows. its a basic google search

  24. RthereNEusernames says:

    Cause you saw others that saw mine….

  25. xVxEX3CuT10NxVx says:

    i’ve never even seen your video.

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