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How to make a GOOD LAG SWITCH the EASY way 2012

January 19, 2012 by admin  
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default How to make a GOOD LAG SWITCH the EASY way 2012

This works for PS3 and XBOX 360 Games- Call of Duty any series even MW3! Halo any series MEDAL OF HONOR and any other only multiplayer game that is like Call of Duty or Halo. For the High-anonymous proxy go here- samair.ru This is what your gonna put in notepad- ping -t -l 60000 (High-anonymous proxy goes here) Activate it 3-5 times 5= Greater Lag I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU GET BAN OR IF YOUR NAT SETTINGS CHANGE


24 Responses to “How to make a GOOD LAG SWITCH the EASY way 2012”
  1. zAdrenalizedGamingz says:

    fuck u bitches? that ruin games like COD

  2. da333god7 says:

    @MrCommentAssassin You just called yourself a fag dumbass, why would you watch a video on making? a lag switch? if you “have skill”

  3. MrCommentAssassin says:

    Stop being a bunch of fags and play the game normally…Maybe if you didn’t suck at? life and put a little effort into being good none of you would need lag switches. The MW3 servers lag too much already you assholes!

  4. krapzitboy says:

    get on with it

  5. krapzitboy says:


  6. dunecoon107 says:

    mine wont? stay open

  7. BEnzwalkable says:

    Can you use this on other computers? Like laptops. Because my Desktop is far away from my ps3. Lol? Because i dont want to use this and run from my ps3 and to my pc lol

  8. Tungilftw says:

    Open and close after 1 sec. doesnt work anyway? for me

  9. MezupK says:

    @da333god7? WTF

  10. da333god7 says:

    @MezupK What? system?

  11. MezupK says:

    @da333god7 Blops MOWS 2? MOWS 1 WW

  12. da333god7 says:

    @MezupK? What are you trying it on?

  13. MezupK says:

    Somehow it wont? work

  14. XxloversniperxXmw2 says:

    thanks man this really helps like? it

  15. jesus1996ish says:

    ok thank you

  16. da333god7 says:

    @jesus1996ish Your PS3 and Laptop/Desktop (in my video im showing you on a laptop) should be running on the same network if they arn’t then it wont work. When they’re on the same network you just go on your laptop and click on? the program while your in a match on your ps3 and it should start to work.

  17. jesus1996ish says:

    how do you? conncet it to ps3

  18. CHAPxKILLA says:

    The guy 2? stories below me didnt say it was fake…

  19. da333god7 says:

    @purejaws Give? me a reason why you think its fake. Did you see my other video showing you how it works?

  20. purejaws says:

    is this real?

  21. da333god7 says:

    @jtagnigga? To lag the other team you have to be host and judging that you got lagged out by using this you already prob. Have a low connection and its a low chance of you getting host with your connection since you got lagged out. If you viewed my other video it shows you how the lag works.

  22. jtagnigga says:

    dude wtf this only lags me out? not the other team

  23. da333god7 says:

    @MezupK Thought i answered that, yeah it still? works, atleast it should still work on lan

  24. da333god7 says:

    @SuperLAGSWITCHER? You dont have to be host when you use it, you can use it in any online play. Mostly i use it on shooters.

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