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How to know the port of a proxy you have ?

October 9, 2012 by admin  
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Question by Patchi: How to know the port of a proxy you have ?

Hi everyone, How can I find the port of a proxy that I have it’s IP
and please note that I’m not using it to check it in the options of the browser, I am searching for the port to start using it.
Can anyone help ??
Well ds, I’m not using these proxies for my real information, so it doesn’t matter, also the proxy isn’t that risk, the whole idea is that the program which gives me these proxies doesn’t give me the port, but I need it…

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You can find some free anonymous proxy server list in those website and some knowledge about the proxy.The proxy sites update checked fresh proxy list daily.You can use it to surf some blocked websites.This site usually update the list at 12 noon(EST),Because proxy server offline very fast, So you should use it in time.

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