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How to Install Proxy with Safari on a Mac

September 24, 2012 by admin  
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Proxy Installation Guide for Safari on a Mac brought to you by

A proxy server is an excellent tool for searching the Internet, and the first step in creating a proxy server is to download the latest version of the program. Create a personal php proxy server, and select a language for it with help from an IT engineer in this free video on proxy servers.


4 Responses to “How to Install Proxy with Safari on a Mac”
  1. WrongPersonLmao says:

    I’m sorry but? this is not a proxy server.

  2. faysalbest1 says:

    miss? ~ ! you look like you took heroin !

  3. vpklotar says:

    hey, how did you accses? as server with total commander?

  4. 1hackerwannabe says:

    @ pro5hacker
    now it’s your job to find a free webhost? the young lady just showed us how to make 1. how did you made it to pro? just like what your username says.

    thanks Isabelle!

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