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How to Hack GTA Sa-Mp 2.2!!! (UPDATED)

May 13, 2012 by admin  
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This trainer for Sa-Mp 2.2 gives you everything you need to hack! v0gelz mod reb0rn download link: Please Rate & Comment! Enjoy!!!

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49 Responses to “How to Hack GTA Sa-Mp 2.2!!! (UPDATED)”
  1. maxccv11 says:

    79 like and 79? ain’t like it

  2. ameers4s says:

    hacker !! you get my accent? fuckkkk offffff3

  3. no3man30 says:

    man file not found plz? i wanna that trainer upload it again plz

  4. mgaman1111 says:

    the link? changed?

  5. ClarenceCuzz says:

    FUCK? all of use! lol

  6. EzioAuditoreLoquendo says:


  7. HDhomemadevideos says:

    Sick cleo plugins at: samphackz
    For? free!!

  8. xxdielgoxx says:

    puta merda n acredito que perdi 8 segundos da minha? vida vendo uma merda dessa, tnc affs :@

  9. Juggalo4Eternity17 says:

    link broken noob?

  10. Xseba909 says:

    co? to za muza w 0.1

  11. Ahmed17042 says:

    no virus? thx man

  12. yukypoop says:

    that was helpfull *SIGH*

  13. Hangaiver says:

    Change your IP.?

  14. redsreyes1 says:

    if you? got banned before using the hack use hidemyip 5.3

  15. TheRajpootchohan says:

    you should download? a new server and play again on it

  16. ahmeeeeeeeeeeeed says:

    change? your ip address

  17. caleb1823 says:

    good 4 u :D ?

  18. 11952alex says:

    What the? f??k

  19. MatrixStudios says:

    watch?v=-WXjSAhgiVA – SAMP HACK
    watch?v=-WXjSAhgiVA? – SAMP HACK
    watch?v=-WXjSAhgiVA – SAMP HACK

  20. TheOgnjen96 says:

    file deleted

  21. omar4897 says:

    still works?

  22. MegaNathan66 says:

    dude the link? is dead

  23. killaruna94 says:

    Ask for IP Unban,if that? server has a forum.

  24. UltimateWT says:

    megaupload(.)com/?d=MH8RSC6V ( without () )
    download -> inistalll? -> play

  25. Fadilmucia says:

    simple :D
    go on prompt comand dos and type

    “ipconfig /release”


    then “ipconfig /renew”

    wait.. then

    disconnect and reconnect internet.. and done :D

    you have changed your IP and you can enter on the server where you get a ban , but you? have to change character name

  26. Roach95100 says:

    Very Good Work

  27. Danzel1337 says:

    Just use a mac channger :p ?

  28. NoNoSharecash123 says:

    if u want to pass? that surveys only tool that works is THESHARECASHDOWNLOADER(.)TK …remove the “(” and “)” ..worked on many surveys!!!

  29. sultan367 says:

    They Are Some Way In Mikrotik Block The Sniffers Programs hhhhh

    your system soo old Security? …

    Like Gays +

  30. primus9370 says:

    another script kiddie!?

  31. BUXNAS says:

    exactly! :) ?

  32. massivemak says:

    ha ha ha nice work im? trying to brute force :) >

  33. foamywoamy says:

    No, its more lame as hell. My one year? old can do this

  34. GameProductions101 says:

    Thats smart as? hell!!

  35. hackerxxa says:

    another way to hack hotspot? ;)

  36. fapriantop says:

    good, i? will try it. :D

  37. nalmaathidy says:

    this? is bcz ur allowing 2 ip address per mac address under the hotspot server setting … mister hacker :)

  38. hackerwirelles says:

    Não vi nada demais ai , muito bem feito ai as habilidades de digitação , pront windows e tal mas, na realidade o que ele fez td esta acrobacia ai somente para clonar um mac , e não uma quebra de hotspot , simplesmente conectou por que o? cliente já estava logado no sistema .Na raelidade ele já tinha um usário e senha e depois foi só buscar os outros ips e mac que já estavam autenticados somente isso , simplezinho.

  39. walstork says:

    if the hotspot has? ENABLE login by Cokie chap and pap would be impossible to do a bypass to the hotspot and more AUNO if only 1 user has selected by key

  40. DxSecurity says:

    can you explain? how do you protect your mikrotek from this issu?

  41. metumax says:

    You can not use this? way after Mikrotik RouterOS V4.0.Because There is a third party security called session-id.
    If there is a ip-binding on hotspot server.You can be successful with this material.

  42. gabusjr says:

    I bet $ 1,000 and you do not get this on my network?

  43. hafiz6160600 says:

    hello? sir i want make a home page microtik opin with my network name pleas help me sir ????

  44. cRaSh0vErKiLl says:

    awesome video, UP by me, wats the song name?? ^.^

  45. andrsonnasseer says:

    any body wont netcut replay to? me it is freeeeeeee

  46. goendoelan says:

    make user in your system to static ip,? then allow user to connect you hotspot by ip, mac and user name and password

  47. ThirteenthDoc says:

    What information did he reveal? The how-to on making a connection? And how can anything on the Internet stay in the ‘underground’ without a password (something this is trying to defeat). I say, let these companies know of the flaws in their software (and let the hacker suffer the consequences of doing this…). Companies can only go so far with their security systems before people like this guy figure out a way around ‘em; then, they cheat? and bring in the cops…

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