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how to hack a proxy server

April 1, 2013 by admin  
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default how to hack a proxy server

Das dürfte eigntl. nur den schülern der Internate helfen, da diese oft proxys verwenden.

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This tutorial video shows how someone can simply set a proxy server on google chrome proxy site: pcvideotechhelp’s site: http://www….

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17 Responses to “how to hack a proxy server”
  1. danielalpha007 says:

    Wer bist du eigntl? spsti

  2. MrNdsfreak1997 says:

    hahaha Daniel du fisch es bringt eh? nix

  3. Emmanuel Willis says:

    It’s under settings.? Scroll down to network settings. There’s a button called “Change Proxy Settings…”

  4. evilmick66 says:

    This worked for me for awhile but now Chrome won’t connect to any proxy I set up (I always get the error message). How do? I fix this without giving up using a proxy?

  5. Nino Latimer says:

    mine dont say options? it says settings lol

  6. Ras Al Ghul says:

    thanks man?

  7. pcvideotechhelp says:

    google has? updated google chrome, i will post a updated version of the video soon.

  8. pcvideotechhelp says:

    Hi superman1234567826 i wll post a? updated version of this tutorial soon, thanks for the comment.

  9. Ras Al Ghul says:

    make a new one please. there’s no options? button anymore. fuck google chrome.

  10. Pernnix54 says:

    When i do this it doesn’t work and when i try to? go to whatismyip something starts to download pls help?

  11. 18sharkkiller says:

    LOL just use my zipcode? 34210 ( i live in Florida)

  12. Raed Sulaiti says:

    is? that helping me to watch video in YouTube is doesn’t work in my county ? :D

  13. Calvin Davis says:

    thanks? alot, so easy

  14. pcvideotechhelp says:

    I have the same problem since i? am from Canada, the solution that i found to work around this problem is to Google a place like walmart in america, then you can click on it to see what the zip code is, and you can use that zip code to register an account.

  15. terencekwang321 says:

    I have question,If I want to register a account,but the website only allow American to create because? they want your postal code to prove your American,So does proxy helps?

  16. pcvideotechhelp says:


  17. Th33picfacepalm says:


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