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How to get unbanned from Stickam

May 7, 2012 by admin  
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Sorry for the like 6 minute rant. This video was made 2 years ago when I sucked at making videos…. My appologies. tl;dw version: Go into “My Computer/C/Documents and Settings/*your computer profile name*/Application Data and Delete Macromedia and you’re done. Spare yourself 6 minutes of ranting haha. This isn’t to show you how to get in a room you were kicked from. This is how to get on Stickam when they’ve banned you from their site. If you want to know how to get back in rooms you’ve been kicked from, check out my other VIDEOS! Or visit my website at

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23 Responses to “How to get unbanned from Stickam”
  1. UncleMcMackDaddy says:

    let me tell you something you megaladonic cock fuck. tell me what i want to hear. IMMEDIATELY. LIKE NOW. absolutely zero percent of anything as in EVERYONE has no interest in the first minutes of everything you have to say. EXPLAIN THE POInt.?

  2. JEazy86 says:

    ok… how? do you this if your IP IS BANNED?

  3. HappyJackProduction1 says:

    Bullshit didnt work

  4. MultipleGirl420 says:

    You,? my friend, are an absolute GENIUS! <3

  5. Xipeify says:


  6. MissJonnyPride says:

    does? this video still work??!!

  7. atlzdreamboy4eva says:

    man i got banned? from stickam can u help me how to get unbann man? i am on mac and i dunoo how to do it. help me please thanks…

  8. Vucijak86 says:


  9. BrandonMassacreBBY says:

    you are amazing my friend?

  10. CarpeDiumKatya says:


  11. iBulbasaurHD says:

    bnm ?

  12. kickoffyoustilettos says:

    Okay so do? i need to go to my main computer and do this? or can i do this on my laptop?

  13. injune5 says:

    Does? anyone have any idea how to unbanned yourself from blogtv chat room?

  14. injune5 says:

    dude..? but when u get banned, it doesn’t work. I’m still figuring how how. Do u have any idea?

  15. xxstephaniejay says:

    This doesn’t seem to work on Windows 7 for? a lot of people. Found the file; it just came back. Still banned. It sucks.

  16. BeetleJu1ce666 says:

    You’re my? fucking GOD!!!!!!

  17. vampireanarchy89 says:

    how do u do this on a? mac

  18. OmgItTehMatt says:

    Ahh the old Stickam.. Raunch Foxx,Jake Fogelnest,John Hock,..? Memories lol

  19. Pootrifaction says:

    works on windows? 7 also, just search for “macromedia” folder and delete it – worked like a charm :) thanks dude

  20. 713Jaime713 says:

    hey i cant find my micromedia thats all i need i? cant find it anyone please help

  21. HikaruNaChanN says:

    I just got banned? from stickam. How sucks

  22. UncleMcMackDaddy says:

    stop talking about dumb shit. tell me how to? get unbanned from stickam. profit. no dot.

  23. snafder says:

    If you wanna avoid deleting files from? your computer – you can solve the issue by following the instructions here (and avoid watching a 6 minute video):

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