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how to get and use the best free proxy servers

June 12, 2012 by admin  
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19 Responses to “how to get and use the best free proxy servers”
  1. sinjidftw says:

    useless! i? cant dowload google chrome its blocked!

  2. Jimmy Loftus says:

    Here is an updated e mail? am trying to find the best free proxy server

  3. mprutherford says:

    Feel free? to message me.

  4. Ameenerized says:

    siri wont work,? its activated but it wont talk

  5. Jimmy Loftus says:

    Hi..Great tutorial..How can I get? in touch with Mark? I have a question? IS this a free service..proxy switcher? Here is my e mail.

  6. BSPKtube says:

    Thank you so? much subscribed and liked<3

  7. stefan98TH says:

    :O You? have Serbia and montenegro!!! ;D Thats where im from!

  8. angelvoice235 says:

    do i? have to use google chrome?

  9. koulla1996 says:

    man i LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! you help me alot ofr that stupid surveys? thing

  10. iNeedToLoseWeight123 says:

    oh, k well? thnks anyway

  11. mprutherford says:

    i found if u are using a? modem (like one from at&t of Verizon)that it wont work

  12. iNeedToLoseWeight123 says:

    uhm, i downloaded it,copied &? pasted a proxy server where u told me, didn’t give me a port automatically but hey, but i still can’t enter any websites i want? why :(

  13. Sarahbellum820 says:

    hey mine doesn’t give me an automatic port when i enter in the? name and ip adress

  14. kabelfjernsyn says:

    slows down the internet a? lot

  15. mprutherford says:

    I have not had? any probes with them assessing data and if ur using a broadban modem like an iPhone tethered it will not work

  16. TheGoodvideoclips says:

    hello. ok 2? things about this ,
    1) I went to download that link on google chrome. It told me that
    “this extension can access,All data on your computer and the web sites you visit”
    Does that mean any1 any where can look at anything on my hard drive etc?
    2) After I did what you said on your video I went to check my ip address and it was still the same .

  17. mprutherford says:

    it could be your internet connection will not allow you to do this when i switched? m internet to a modem so i could go anywhere it stopped working im sorry if it does not work for you

  18. lebnen143 says:

    i just wonder how connet this bro i have do all you have said but there is a broblem the icon earth it turn blue but my ip? is still the same :)

  19. everyonedown says:

    thanks for the tut, really good. not sure about that proxy site though, but i’ll give that? extension a try definately

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