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How to find the proxy settings im currently using?

March 26, 2012 by admin  
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Question by bartathalon: How to find the proxy settings im currently using?

I want to know what the current proxy settings are that im using to connect in IE 7, so that i can configure other applications to connect. The only problem is when i go to tools=>internet options=>connection=>lan settings, the option “automatically detect settings” is chosen. Is there a way that I can view what my “automatically detected settings” are?

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Answer by Ryan
Depending on your ISP. The proxy should be “”

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One Response to “How to find the proxy settings im currently using?”
  1. Christian D says:

    Most likely you are not using a proxy server

    just go to if it returns a logical value (your fisically in miami and it says miami) then you dont have a proxy, if you do use a proxy it will say something like your in atlanta.

    Hope this helps.

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