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How to Earn $10 Per Day With Proxy Sites From DAY 1

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How to Earn Per Day With Proxy Sites From DAY 1

Are you tired of setting up a new proxy everyday to earn a few bucks? If you are one of those, here’s a simple step by step instruction for you to set up your proxy for once and earn big money for years. I wonder why many people are going for the short terms proxies where you set up a proxy and it gets expired after a few months. There’s one reason for that and that is because the CTR and CPC rates of Google Adsense go down with time. But what if you could keep a high CPC and revenue. Its much better to to improve your site than create new ones. You could optimize your site for certain keywords and earn more everyday.
Prerequisites¬† Now, let’s go into the detailed steps but before this, there are a few prerequisites to be able to follow the steps. The prerequisites require the reader to:

Able to set up proxy sites of their own and has already owned a few proxy sites.
Has a Google Adsense Account.

Now that we are aware of the prerequisites, we’ll have a look into the steps to follow so that you start earning right away:

Get a domain: Since we are focusing on a single domain for a long time, we can put a little effort in choosing a good domain name. The domain name should be short and easy to remember. It should also have a highly searched keyword like “unblock”,”anonymous”,”bypass”, etc. Don’t worry about the competition in these words – proxy keywords are still having very low competition and you don’t need to rank in the first page – as first paged proxies get blocked easily. So, we have domain name like unblock???.com(note the? which represents any character). Buy this domain and point the name-servers to your hosting account’s (which we will choose in the next step) name-servers.
Get a Proxy Hosting Account: Choosing a good proxy host is very crucial in the proxy business. If your proxy host is overloaded, users will leave your site. If it is too expensive as most proxy hosting providers are, your profit will go down. So, choose a proxy hosting service which is not bad and not so expensive. I’d recommend buying a VPS or a dedicated server if you are going for a long run.
Set up your Proxy Site: Setting up your proxy site is easy. First you have to choose a proxy script – available options are Phpproxy, CGIproxy, glype, zelune, etc. Glype is the most popular. You can customize your proxy script by adding a new theme and repositioning the ads. It’s good to place 2 square ad units and 1 leaderboard ad. You can also add a link unit at the bottom of the url box. Upload the files to your webserver and test it properly. Make sure your ads are running properly.
Promoting Your Proxy: Your website is now ready for revenue generation. You can now earn in day 1 itself. There are various ways to bring traffic to your site. Let’s concentrate on a few but most powerful. Promotion: is the giant of proxies. It has some hundreds of thousands of users per day. You can drive huge traffic to you proxy site from A simple way is to submit your proxy site into their free listing but that requires a backlink to A much better way is to use the premium advertisements offered by Out of the various premium listings, the best one is the EMAIL BLAST. Use this service and you will get so much traffic in a day to earn – per day. And guess what, you have to pay only for a single Email Blast. You can use the email blast repeatedly but don’t do it for the next 7 days. Let the previous email blast drive traffic to your site. This way you can earn way more than per day. Try this and if you fail to get your back, I’ll refund you your .
SEO: The promotion is for short term and the traffic decreases with time. For a long term traffic, Google is the biggest Source. You would become a fool if you don’t optimize your proxy site for Google. So, start a bit of SEO, optimize your site’s title, meta tags, content,etc. You might not get a good position in Google right away but in the long run, it will earn it’s place in the SERPS.
Proxy Submission: Submit your proxy to some of the Top proxy list sites. Submit it only in some high traffic sites because you don’t want your proxy site to look like a link farm. Submit it only to the top proxy sites like, topbits, proxy sites, proxy etc.
Proxy Groups: Search in google for “ proxy sites” and proxy sites and go to the top pages and share your proxy with the users out there.
Share it: Share your proxy with friends in Digg, stumbleupon, twitter, etc. and create pages for your proxy in squidoo, hubpages with backlinks to your site. These will ultimately bring more traffic to your site.

Revenue Optimization: Google Adsense is the best as many people say. But the CPC of adsense seems to fall with time. If you are seeing this fall of CPC, you might need to update your site a little bit. try adding a news feed or some dynamic content. And if the CPC is still falling like below per 1K, you can try other options like xtendmedia, smowtion,etc. Also, don’t forget to monetize your proxified pages with ad networks like adbrite, adversal, etc. This will generate a good revenue if your users are primarily from US.

Well, this is the end of the instructions on how to earn from proxy sites. If you follow the steps properly, you will surely earn enough to get your investments back. Anyways, is there any business out there without 0 risk? It all depends on your capability. So, be confident and try hard. You can earn even more than me.:).. Have fun.

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