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How to Create a Proxy Server – Video

March 30, 2012 by admin  
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default How to Create a Proxy Server   Video

labnol.org Learn how to create your own proxy server for free. Screencast tutorial by Amit Agarwal – www.labnol.org

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24 Responses to “How to Create a Proxy Server – Video”
  1. RussaX37 says:

    wtf, i can only open localhost:8080 link? does not works. and when i am on localhost:8080 i can open any site.

  2. zobya97 says:

    prank? call him!!!

  3. zobya97 says:

    Thumb up this comment so people know that this is a WEB proxy setup and? NOT a siri proxy setup

  4. genijalcek says:

    Aveleble? xDDD

  5. DJ2FLO says:

    im going to spam your email adress now hahahahahahahhahah?

  6. DJ2FLO says:

    bro if you find out please tell? me

  7. ByVexer says:

    i cant understand? u

  8. cdbjeez33 says:

    this is a complete waste of time if your here for spire i found that out the hard? way

  9. RoylHD says:

    Nice job. But is there a way to edit the main? screen where you enter in the url??

  10. bbk1674 says:

    I went to your? site and got all the steps, then it worked
    it is missed in your video

  11. afilak52 says:

    I created as instructed, when I get onto my ***.appspot.com page,? I get “Hello World!” WTH do I do with that?? I do not get the online proxy server page.

  12. ShutterlabCreative says:

    How do? you save source code?

  13. Gamerrawat says:

    Amaazing :D :D Video? …
    Indians rocks :D

  14. fagimail says:

    sir, is it possible to modify the code so that we can use it? for websites that require login? Eg: gmail…or any other website that has a submission form.

  15. LukasFT says:

    Thx! You’re awesome…?

  16. bbk1674 says:

    Thank you very much, but you have missed one Step, in your Video you never mentioned about saving the source code to the Desktop.
    May be this is the reason so many could not? run it, but mine is working Great,
    Thank you
    Now, do you know how to have a L2PT VPN server( I already run a PPTP Server on Windows 2003)??

  17. cdbjeez33 says:

    U? KNOW :)

  18. Mr123ownage321 says:

    what is the sourse code??? please help ? 2:01

  19. wiwinko97 says:

    I get the same message as xQuigglsx in the? top comments.

  20. LamontTheBoss says:

    if u go on that website at school/work u can acsess? blocked websites.

  21. ropndwind says:

    how you make? it work for spire?

  22. CallMeChrisss says:

    Its saying
    “Error: Not Found
    The requested URL / was not found on this? server.”
    Can? anyone help??


  23. ballzofjutsu says:

    good video but i cant understand? your accent.

  24. SkylineGTRR says:

    I’m? here for Spire too. Man how the hack did you get that proxy folder on your desktop??? I dont get that

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