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how to connect your ps3 to a proxy server FREE

March 15, 2013 by admin  
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As there have been restrictions to access torrent sites and others the P2P model is suffering also limits the free acess to web, this video tutorial shows ho…


22 Responses to “how to connect your ps3 to a proxy server FREE”
  1. Juniorfunny24 says:

    Your Logic: Hates youtube, Have an account for 5? months

  2. carmenphila2 says:

    It doesn’t work but why are u guys getting? pissed off find another one

  3. TripleMisty says:

    doesn’t work dont? bother trying

  4. TheRealHustler1000 says:

    doesn’t work cock sucker?

  5. imagination123321 says:

    how? many people can use this?

  6. imagination123321 says:

    you need to disable proxy server?

  7. imagination123321 says:

    you need to go back to proxy settings and click dont use? and save you will come back online then :)

  8. sebastiansek1 says:

    whats dangerus, and go the? fuck away from youtube if u hate youtube cause i love YT!!

  9. bossm482 says:

    Here u go u? poor dumb bastards! 1 free proxy. :)

  10. bossm482 says:

    Ummm… no ty. That’s very dangerous! Who knows? what that sites intentions are! I have a list but I hate YouTube so you can all go fuck yourselves.

  11. Cam Palmer says:

    I need helpppp?

  12. shhaggi1 says:

    where? does the proxy base your location?

  13. Nikkolas Camp says:

    If you have a Jailbroken PS3, all I have to say is hope you don’t get caught, or get? banned from the PSN. I like? the idea myself but my PSN is more important. My freedom as well. My opinion.

  14. sebastiansek1 says:

    hmmmm? it is not a spamm because it works sometime

  15. MegaMw3123 says:

    this doenst fucking work

  16. sebastiansek1 says:

    the proxy server ho? ever are keeping it may shut their proxy down or i don’t know

  17. baresexyinit123 says:

    dude can u plz repy to this fast i? did this and now when i try and sigh in it says some error has came up plz help

  18. georgeterro says:

    same as using patch blocker whick i? have the link in my videos if intrested also i have the 4.11 jb

  19. sebastiansek1 says:

    did it work for? you

  20. MrSabri04 says:

    Allright thx this helped a lot. Liked the video? !

  21. Damon Stacey says:

    Thank you?

  22. Rushabh Mutha says:

    What a perfect way of telling the government – Fuck You! Suck? itt biaaccthh!

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