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How To Circumvent an Internet Proxy

May 6, 2012 by admin  
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Some governments and organizations employ proxy servers to filter web content, permitting access to some web sites while blocking others. Here are several ways to get around these censorship policies. For more information, go to “” To complete this how-to, you will need A computer with internet access Technical skill Appropriate software Accessing restricted content can be a serious violation of the law in certain places. It may also violate workplace policies. Proceed with circumvention practices cautiously. Step 1: Understand the process Get a grasp of the basic process. A content-filtering proxy server controls access to web content. You can bypass these controls and view restricted pages by using circumvention technology, which creates an alternate path to your web destination. There are several types of circumvention methods, each with pros and cons. Step 2: Try cached pages One simple technique is to try viewing “cached pages,” which are copies of original web pages a search engine has indexed. If a web site is blocked, click on the “cached” link that usually appears beneath each search result. You’ll access the page through the search engine’s servers, not from the restricted web site itself. Caching services are blocked in some countries, however. Some sites also offer alternate domain names, which may escape internet filters. Step 3: Connect to a public proxy Another way to get around restrictive policies is to connect to an

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