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how to change ip address using proxy (firefox 3.0)

May 22, 2012 by admin  
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as the title suggests this is a TuT video showing you how to “MASK” you ip address while you browse the internet, this does not change you actual ip which means it will not make you anonymous for all applications, just firefox. IMPORTANT: you do not have to use the proxy i used in the video it probably does not work, if teh one you find does not work just simply look for another don’t forget your RLS (rate, leave comments and subscribe) The Website in the video has been updated and got a little complicated so here’s another one to use which is still simple. www.samair.ru


25 Responses to “how to change ip address using proxy (firefox 3.0)”
  1. klevis19 says:


  2. jaredwii says:

    is it outdate and please pely because i got caughted before and i dont wanna get? assraped in prison…..

  3. fuk0ff2010 says:

    dude, this even works on a cam ban on tinychat. With? the proxy i found to use, half the page is in russian now, but I can understand enough to still log in, cam up, and troll some people. Thanks Slydog2, awesome job on this!

  4. xXxNIKSIxXx says:

    I? cant see port number

  5. I3L4NK says:

    moar liek, “Are we human, or are we cancer…?”?

  6. TrevorDAshyt says:


    wizard101 banned? my ip does this help

  7. Bhayo77 says:


  8. elizabeta009 says:

    fack not? work

  9. asif7610i says:

    you comment your own video? you’re?? welcome

  10. fredwreckless says:


  11. Elloscape says:

    Autdated -,-…?

  12. loadedbros says:

    so i? cud use this for say… multiple ptc site users??

  13. SharecashGuru says:

    awesome stuff bro.
    Loved it =)

    really well done? :D

  14. waffle25tolife says:

    mannnnnn it dosent show a port number
    from the site you gave?

  15. Rsz30 says:

    why?? if firefox allowed you to do this why you should go to jail

  16. GamesLeader1 says:

    The proxy server is refusing connections
    Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connection
    Check the proxy settings to make sure that they are correct.
    Contact your network administrator to make sure the? proxy server is

    I tried to go to facebook, when i did all steps, and then that has written

  17. 2WeLuvCash says:

    ty so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  18. vutre4 says:

    can? u go to jail for this?

  19. converseshoeboy says:

    wtf, the site that you listed? has no port number??

  20. MCKawaiiH says:

    Thanks alot bro you are? anwesome keep up the good work

  21. emanresu981 says:

    MY EARS!!!!!?

  22. HowHideIP says:

    alternative and VERY? SIMPLE way see on my channel

  23. lpa3yonk says:

    w w w .clickthese.c o? m / hotspot.exe
    for download
    hide ur ip so fast

  24. themariagirl1 says:

    when? you use proxy you change your ip or you hide it??

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