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How to Bypass Websense at School, Work, etc…

November 16, 2010 by admin  
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default How to Bypass Websense at School, Work, etc...

How to Bypass Websense at School, Work, etc… At school/work/etc… ——————————— 1. Download FireFox from 2. In FireFox, download SwitchProxy by going to Tools — Add-ons — Get extensions. At home ———————————- 3. Go to and write down the latest proxy server in the latest listing (IP:IP:IP:IP:PORT). (Mine was 6-25-2008) At school/work/etc… ———————————- 4. In the SwitchProxy add-on in FireFox, create a new proxy preset by clicking “New” — “Anonymous Proxy”. In the dialog box, enter anything as the proxy label. Fill in the Ip address and port box with the Ip adress and port you wrote down at home. (I just copied and pasted it since I was already at home icon razz How to Bypass Websense at School, Work, etc... …Websense blocks that site.) Enter “9999″ where it says “Change proxy server every ____ seconds”. Click “Save” at the bottom of the dialog box. 5. In the SwitchProxy add-on, select your new proxy preset from the drop-down box and click “Apply” to start using it. End result: Websense got pwned. Song: Nirvana – Scentless Apprentice


25 Responses to “How to Bypass Websense at School, Work, etc…”
  1. DrFuzzy2 says:

    Awesome stuff bro. Very useful. Checkout my profile for more hacking stuff like this

  2. gmoney39110 says:

    @digihollow im sacred to ask but HOW did you hack them, i uploaded the amnesia virus into my schools server

  3. Thaiserhoff says:

    took you 3 days to uplaod this video and took me 3 years to comment on this video…0.o

  4. 2wakka4dis says:

    @digihollow actually, depending on school disctrit u could get suspendend or worse even get a class e or d felony. in hardin co. schools ky,youll lose computer accsess for the school year and recieve a 5-day suspensio

  5. digihollow says:

    @YellowFlash67 you wont get suspended last time i hacked the whole school system and sent them a strong message and dey just put me 3 dayz in ISS

  6. OhPatrick says:

    If you have a block on some websites, most likely the program your wanting is going to be blocked as well.

  7. YellowFlash67 says:

    i actually downloaded firefox in my school’s computer this morning thinking it will get me to all those blocked sites. i havent tried it yet but i’m afraid that i’ll get suspended. so yeah

  8. JoeM2000 says:

    I tried this and it doesn’t work. I tried 10 different proxies on advanced mode and firefox wouldn’t navigate.

    Then I tried it on regular mode and it didn’t even seem to use the proxies because 1. the sites were still blocked and 2. my IP stayed the same every time when I went to whatismyip[dot]com. So why is it not working???

  9. kevinjjfr says:

    i know i hate my censor monkey

  10. Kranos05 says:

    oh mann dude tha sucks

  11. kevinjjfr says:

    you think your life suck my brother is the censer monkey shit head at school /home i cant even get firefox

  12. acidnite1989 says:

    this doesnt work

  13. ToJak91 says:

    U don’t need firefox to bypass a proxy?

    Just change the proxy settings in IE, and there you go?

    Neither do you need an U3 devicem cause FF can be copied down to a normal USB flash drive, and then just copy to the computer, or run from the USB itself..

  14. acidnite1989 says:

    Will this work at college on a wireless network

  15. foxstriker10 says:

    If you can’t get firefox on a school computer, use a u3 flash drive. You can install firefox on it and use it at school.

    Thanks for the tutorial.

  16. omiblingbling says:

    well you gotta understand that if you watch videos youre using lots of bandwidth….lots of companies server crash because more ppl are not doing their job (slacking of) and surfing the net..i like that idea….when i get home ill surf the internet….pce out

  17. imuahawaii808 says:

    COMPANIES SHOULD REALLY FUCK OFF! They should only block things that harm and corrupt computers and the young ones minds (Nude, etc…) Myspace I totally agree can be dangerous, but of what high extent of danger could possibly be found on YouTube? It’s an endless circle, dogs chasing cats, cats chasing mice! JUST STUP BLOCKING SHIT!!!

  18. Arcturusalt says:

    heres what you do:

    Get a flash drive
    Save firefox on that

  19. wrfilmshd says:

    Yeah mine too. I think the teachers are

  20. louiswelch says:

    shut da fuk up u gay lil freak like proer scared u like stop posting comments omfg

  21. Middark0 says:

    The thing i hate is my school you cant install anything all proxys are blocked and in internet options everything except homepage is faded out so we cant use that proxy

  22. leslieTS says:

    well thanks to people posting how to’s on accessing filtered sites, software companies love videos like this because they now know what we do and know how to stop it, you would be lucky to find a proxy let alone non blocked IP that actually works on your web filter. there’s other ways around this but it requires n00bies to learn something for once.

  23. maxman4310 says:

    thanks to me i blocked like 3 proxy sights at school, and then they blocked them all.i mean i didint block them, teachers looked at what sights ppl want to and the proxies were there.

  24. SimonHarris1992 says:

    it didnt work :(

  25. titizwow says:

    merci beaucoup

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