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How To Bypass Megavideo’s, VideoBB’s, and VideoZer’s Time Limit

July 5, 2012 by admin  
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Hey everyone today I’ll be showing you how to get past Megavideo, VideoBB, and VideoZer’s time limit. You can watch it without a time limit. All of these websites stop playing the video your watching after 72 minutes and I show you how to get past that without downloading anything or changing your router settings. And it works with all Internet Browsers. It’s just one simple website and the link is below this. Websites: (All Sites) (All Sites) (Megavideo Only) Make Sure To Like, Comment, Fav, and SUBSCRIBE!


25 Responses to “How To Bypass Megavideo’s, VideoBB’s, and VideoZer’s Time Limit”
  1. justine3571 says:

    it? turn into kidsvideo

  2. VisesEntei says:

    The website’s domain is now changed.?

  3. MrFraserFilms2009 says:

    Well… I guess? i’m just gonna have to buy the DVD’s… Rest In Peace websites,

  4. thuggaman6350 says:

    yessssssssssss? unlimited porn

  5. phoenixISobjecting says:

    your mouse sounds fucked up might? wanna fix that.

  6. JasNav3K says:

    i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddd? heeeeeellllllpppppppppppp

  7. vickyboy96 says:

    yes, videobb & videozer is still up but they removed all copyrighted branch because they are scared the FBI would do the same to them? as they did to megaupload/megavideo!!!

  8. justine568 says:

    trololol dunno care about them? xD

  9. hoiantropoi says:

    putlocker? is still here :D

  10. talielle says:

    why the hell didnt i think? of looking for this when megavideo still worked? UGHH

  11. 1JBTheGiant says:

    videobb is working? fine for me lol

  12. TheSurveyBypasser333 says:

    Do you hate sharecash then try SHARECASHHATER(.)TK remove the ( ) this? one helps

  13. BlahBlahUsername1 says:

    See, it’s crap like this? that RUINS sites such as VideoZer, etc.

    Sure you get to avoid certain things, but you know what? That has an effect on people who have memberships at such sites. Stop being so selfish.

  14. Madgegames says:

    I want megavideo? back :’(

  15. sophie3062 says:

    oh its to complicated for me? !

  16. fernandessgabriel says:

    megavideo DEAD!?

  17. s211cool2 says:

    RIP Megavideo :( ?

  18. superdiza says:

    cant be all? of them..:)

  19. superdiza says:

    Is is still legal to say how vicious? this is?

    where is Giga video?
    no us servers this time.

  20. blubjoke says:

    cant watch megavideo is there? a any way out any other name ?

  21. Daftwizz says:

    Chill, you’ve got European movie sites?

  22. Youseftube1 says:

    Megaskipper is down because all the sites videos are going down… :( ?

  23. maverick10241 says:

    good point i never thought about the people who have paid accounts.i hope they get something back but i doubt it.anyway i cant get? any of them to work on the bootleg side i tried what ungasa33 said but no luck.hell, you cant have everything

  24. ungasa33 says:

    when we? did*

  25. ungasa33 says:

    well that’s un-bb-able. I an so zer-prised. What about all those people who payed for accounts. Now their wallets just got megavideownd. The US government is SOPAthetic. Trying to get them to talk is useless, since no matter what you do you won’t hear a PIPAout of em. Good thing we ACTAd when we sis, or it could of been much? worse.

    …too soon? All right… I guess I should have had the common CENSOR to tell no one would laugh…

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