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How to bypass a proxy/blocked website at school?

June 16, 2011 by admin  
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Question by JID: How to bypass a proxy/blocked website at school?

My school has blocked many good sites that i can’t get on anymore. They literally blocked anything with the word “unblocker” and “proxy”! All the unblocking websites are blocked! Is there any way i can get to the websites? Downloading anything to bypass the proxies? I hate web filters…

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Answer by Li Hud
try some trusted proxy sites.

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4 Responses to “How to bypass a proxy/blocked website at school?”
  1. Questor says:

    If you can’t figure it out then you aren’t such a “Genious” after all now are you? lol

  2. ProdigyWolf says:

    Get this program called Ultrasurf. Just hope your school doesn’t block exe files.

    The file is named U1006.exe (latest as far as i know)

  3. Austin says:

    try that one seems to always work for me.


    Okay I know that youre probably a Kid from school who wish to bypass the proxy servers, now I know this may be a policy in the USA or most countries in the west that restrict access or will not provide the answers to underaged youngsters.

    However, on my CASE, I have also asked this same question, only for yahoo to delete in due to violation of guidelines…NOW how in the world did I violate the guidelines really beats me !!

    I was having a genuine problem I had to quickly update a page for my boss on Facebook, it was on the Chartered Institute of Marketing, You’d think a Kid would know about them or even would give a damn about CIM UK site in Facebook ? Think about it. I was supposed to message some of the members about the upcoming AGM Meeting and some changes on the minutes, But I was on my clients site, and they had thier firewall which had blocked me from using Facebook. Thier admin was out on leave and the admins over there did not have clue nor did they give a damn about helping me out.

    So thats why I wanted fast help and resource in how to bypass it, I WAS really looking forward in getting to do some WORK and not play the fool like most people. Many might have a misconception about usage of Facebook, but really to me it has been a very important marketing tool for us to proceed with international business clients.

    So hopefully, next time Hope users actually read thoroughly before they quickly dismiss me as just another kid trying to play the fool.. BTW Im 32 yrs old and working as a Business Development Manager for a Consultancy firm !!

    And the result of this has just caused me and my Managers to be unable to disseminate the right information, this has resulted in a very low attendance level on the AGM meeting. The blame was all on me…SO THANX YAHOO…GREAT JOB !!!!

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