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How to build your own Proxy site for free

November 8, 2011 by admin  
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Google, ‘Glype proxy’ and use those scripts instead.

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This python script generates chains from selected curves, ready for animation and very fast (but realistic) dynamic simulation. You can anytime change dimensions of rings. Free download:


25 Responses to “How to build your own Proxy site for free”
  1. NickProductionzTV says:

    @88UUTT2 oh ok, thanks for the info.

  2. 88UUTT2 says:

    @NickProductionzTV Add the ad code into the index file by using a text editor of some sort. Not hard stuff. Google it.

  3. NickProductionzTV says:

    @88UUTT2 and how do i do that exactly?

  4. 88UUTT2 says:

    @NickProductionzTV Add them ti the index or template file.

  5. NickProductionzTV says:


  6. Creation0012 says:

    You can get proxies at Funblock. Google it. They have literally hundreds of working proxies.

  7. sonigoku says:

    what program language you need to make aproxy because

  8. iitsJOHNiiE says:

    u suk

  9. maw88ify says:

    ((AT&T Text-to-Speech )) google it… hate videos the is all text …

  10. MrNoobWarrior says:

    @88UUTT2 i do u said go to site then when i click make a site random shit comes up

  11. 88UUTT2 says:

    @MrNoobWarrior Lmao if you dont know how to use a PC i suggest you learn before watching vids -_-

  12. MrNoobWarrior says:

    u suck when i go to page and click what ever all this random shit comes up

  13. EspadaFung says:

    Free proxy services at? proxy(.)voucherexpress(.)co(.)cc

  14. CaseClosedEpisodes says:

    @coooly2 You’re an idiot, Myfirehost is a web-hosting webite and of course you’ll need a password you idiot, how will you login to your FTP without a password?

  15. jester4os says:

    it says it “could not open file” what am i doing wrong?

  16. stan021 says:

    Perfect, thanks

  17. coooly2 says:

    u have to hav a pass or some shit for my fire host or some shit it doesnt work any more ppl

  18. 88UUTT2 says:

    I know it is ;)

  19. 15danny94 says:

    just so you know, ur proxy is down

  20. 88UUTT2 says:

    Try myfirehost…

  21. KyleKJune says:

    i just found out on a forum. you need to get a host that has open ssl. 000webhost only gives ssl to paying customers. its at the bottom of the list of features when u sign up. i havent found any free hosting sites with open ssl yet. tell me if you find one. ill tell you if i find one.

  22. 88UUTT2 says:

    No im still trying sorry, could you tell me if you find how?…thnx

  23. KyleKJune says:

    ok my proxys been up for 3 weeks now and i got rid of that cookie management tab. also i made mine so that it is hidden as google in history and on the tabs. have you found out how to get facebook and other site logins to work though?

  24. 88UUTT2 says:

    my site has been up for over 2 months…

  25. KyleKJune says:

    i got phproxy to work i just need to learn how to edit it to be how i want. i noticed theres a cookie management tab on the first page. it says it hasnt been implemented yet. how do i get that to work? should i get the cookie management to work? how long does it take before 000webhost notices you made a proxy on there site?

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