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How to build a lag switch using note pad (Xbox 360)

December 1, 2010 by admin  
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Written tutorial 1. Open note pad and type in ping -t -1 60000. 2. Open up google and type in proxy lists. 3. Click on the first result. 4. Scroll down on the site until you find and IP that says “high anonymous proxy server” 5. Copy the first nine letters in the IP and paste it in note pad with a space between it and what you typed before. 6. Click ‘save as” save the file as anything you want but you have to add .bat to the end of the file name and save it to the desktop. 7. Go into an online game on xbox live and click the program on your desktop 5-7 times, if you are host of the game everyone will lag accept for you. Good Luck!

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