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How to be anonymous on a network by spoofing your MAC address on your iPod/iPhone.

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default How to be anonymous on a network by spoofing your MAC address on your iPod/iPhone.

If you are on a network you shouldn’t be on, you may want to hide your MAC address. This is done very easily in linux and I believe it can be done in Windows with a different software. There are only three ways someone can identify who is on their network: 1. MAC Address 2. Your Device’s Name 3. The sites you visit…Don’t be dumb.

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10 Responses to “How to be anonymous on a network by spoofing your MAC address on your iPod/iPhone.”
  1. speshalx00 says:

    @TechyVidz i tryed vpn but it dont work thet well thanks? anyways im going to just use opera mini
    plus proxy sites make it so that facebook thinks your loging in from someother place so idk i have to restart my password a lot proxy sites suck

  2. TechyVidz says:

    @speshalx00 If they are? all blocked on your schools security system, you can make your own, or look up the IP and port of a free proxy and put them in the settings of your browser. (For the IP and port go to proxy-list and scroll down and do the CAPTCHA.)

  3. TechyVidz says:

    Oh… You need to you use a proxy. There? are many available to use for free… such as ninjaproxy, hidemyass, etc.

  4. speshalx00 says:

    @TechyVidz no i have the school code but i cant go on facebook? on safai spoof make does nothing but hide your ip adress,that was not my question but thanks anyways

  5. TechyVidz says:

    Do I think you’ll be able to do what? Spoof you MAC? Yes, of course you can. I recommend? it because your MAC has probably already been logged on their routers or SonicWall, etc.

  6. speshalx00 says:

    hi i juat had a? question…i recently came up on my schools wifi code and ive been trying to find a way to go into blocked websites if i do this do you think i will be able to? so far the only app that will let me go on facebook is cloud brouse and opera mini

  7. TechyVidz says:

    yes, it does… Why would I make a video about doing this if it doesn’t work? It’s not like I gave you a link to download a virus… LOL. Seriously, if it doesn’t work then it’s the creators fault for not making it compatible with 4.0? yet.

  8. tinghoshing says:

    IT? DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!

  9. TechyVidz says:

    umm… yes it does.? lol

  10. maraxani says:

    it doesnt? work!!

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