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How to Always Watch Youtube in HD

July 29, 2012 by admin  
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12 Responses to “How to Always Watch Youtube in HD”
  1. Txyxy1 says:

    It used to work at least in full screen (definitely not always, but at least something). But a long time it does not work at all. No matter which browser I use, the best automatically set resolution is 480p.? The video has quite a lot of likes, but I guess it is because of the boobs, not the information value.

  2. KobraPL says:

    This sucks, it only works in fullscreen, so this video’s title is inaccurate – thumbs down for a misleading “tutorial”. Next thing teach us how to breathe, I really need to? know that.

  3. Andrius226 says:

    it only works when switching to fullscreen…. useless, cuz i have a? huge monitor and i want to play 720p in 1/4 of my screen.

  4. alexsahraoui says:

    GOOD WORK ! keep it up !? :)

  5. Renax111 says:

    320 is not HD
    480 is not HD

  6. boblepongestyle says:

    I would really like ANY videos in HD but I think I? will have to find the solution somewhere else
    Thanks anyway

  7. akiskem says:

    No. Any video you watch? PROVIDED THAT YOU SWITCH TO FULLSCREEN will play in HD. Useless.

  8. jasonked1 says:

    Only if the person who added it added it in HD. A lot of old videos don’t even have 480p!…and often people just make it upscale so even though it says it’s playing? in HD it isn’t.

    If you take an SD video and convert it to a higher resolution it will still look the same just a lot of the extra pixels will show the same thing. i.e. a red square will now be made of 4 red squares together. That’s what happens on most of the youtube videos I have watched that advertise as HD.

  9. yaoi4evandnevayuri says:

    T^T I can’t watch anything in HD, b/c I have a slow? connection… It sucks…

  10. RoadSkaters says:


  11. BakuganDude2009 says:

    First and Thanks?

  12. crimsoncoin says:

    ? ? ? ? ? Lol -=0-0=-Wooh..! ? ? ? ?? ??

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