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How To Add A Proxy To UTorrent

October 8, 2012 by admin  
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How To Add A Proxy Server To UTorrent Free

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12 Responses to “How To Add A Proxy To UTorrent”
  1. MrWp97 says:

    Sadly, didn’t work? for me.

  2. FiveCardArmy says:

    Cool thanks, you? should do one for Mac know that 1.6 supports it.

  3. spacelion88 says:

    Very informative and clear. Thank you? very much.

  4. Youtiubeer says:

    So for example if our college blocks utorrent and would slow down our bandwidth if we open it, will the proxy get? around that?

  5. NWTechServices says:

    try Wireshark?

  6. equalizir1 says:

    is there a? program you can recomend to monitor my internet traffic?

  7. crazybarthem says:

    if you selected use proxy for hostname lookups and use proxy for peer too peer connections it should only the proxy for? peer to peer actions, if you wana check it you will have to download a program that shows in and out going networktrafic and check if the adress going trough the specefic port is the same adress as the proxy

  8. equalizir1 says:

    i followed your video but I use? a proxy outside of the US. My question is how can I make sure Utorrent is only using the proxy and not using my default connection?

  9. ulfmusskacken says:

    and will this work? I got a letter from some lawyer because of a peer to peer? connection ._.

  10. Farhan R says:

    Thanks.But how do i? get around with blocked torrent sites? I go via proxy sites ofcourse but TPB has magnet torrent links.Any help please? THanks

  11. thebostonceltics34 says:


  12. Sedad Mandzuka says:

    this really? works…thx

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