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How to Access Facebook from School or Work

June 6, 2012 by admin  
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11 Responses to “How to Access Facebook from School or Work”
  1. lordawesome707 says:

    i hate this video it is stupid and the women in it DO YOUR WORK!!!! leave? the facebook to the kids

  2. MakeitRunescape says:

    holy shit what a useless video… you? know it wasn’t a 5 year old who set up our school security.

  3. PirateEyepatch says:

    I know and it’s better you (or anyone) doesn’t. It’s a waste of time. I was making fun of? that nonsense and celebrating Anonymous’ intention to fuck it up.

  4. soldierassasin says:

    I don’t? go on FaceBook.

  5. PirateEyepatch says:

    If you Anonymous? mess up Facebook, how will vain morons go around telling their “friends” what they ate for dinner and how often their newborn babies pooped?

  6. soldierassasin says:

    We are Anonymous

    We are Legion

    We do not forgive

    We do? not forget

    Expect us.

  7. TheJmann12 says:


  8. ccskatepark says:

    “I can go unto facebook at work, and not even do any work, haha” 0:50 …only an extreme hottie can promote the lowering of american productivity? and totally get away with it …Oh, the dangers of a wicked woman!!!

  9. 123Abshir says:

    there’s a lot? of ways access faceboook?

  10. jayzee91 says:

    actually i? tried
    they even blocked it there as well

  11. jayzee91 says:

    help full :) ?

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