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How is a web site recognizing me through a proxy server?

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Question by : How is a web site recognizing me through a proxy server?

Sometimes I get banned from a web site and most of the time it’s for silly reasons. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to reset an ip address with windows 7. I tried entering the site through a proxy server, but the site still recognizes me. I’ve disabled cookies and the web site is in java. How does it still know my computer?
The web site is and the proxy server is

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Answer by Erica
maybe you can try this one

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  1. Dave Davidson says:

    You’re not using an “anonymous proxy” and the proxy server is passing along your IP address in the “header field” of your packets.

    solution: go to and change the proxy type to anonymous

    use one of these

    edit: Antonio is correct of course. Browser plugins such as java, flash, silverlight, etc. rarely respect your browsers proxy settings. This may or may not be a concern to you, depending on your needs. If you simply want to bypass a school firewall, or evade an IP ban, an anonymous proxy should suffice. If your need is complete anonymity, a VPN service might be a good alternative. They’re great, and I subscribe to one myself, but I’ve not seen one available free of charge.

    Best of luck.

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