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How does download proxy work?

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Question by Arcare: How does download proxy work?

I know there are ways you can download something using a tunnel/proxy

how? someone explain it to me in layman’s terms

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Answer by Hex
A proxy is a remote server that you connect to in order to access the net or another network.

In other words, a proxy will let you connect your machine to another server. This server is also connected to the internet and you use their server to surf the net or to get to where you want to go. By downloading via a proxy, you’re doing what’s called an indirect-download. It’s usually ( 99% of the time ) slower than a direct-download but is proven to be a lot safer. Proxies can hide your IP address from snooping websites that might try to harm your machine. Though it’s still very possible for others to attack your machine even when using a remote host ( proxy ), it is still safer.

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  1. Jack T says:

    When you use a proxy server, all your internet traffic is redirected to go through this proxy server. It kinda works as a second gateway. Some proxy servers will hide your IP address etc, so it becomes harder to identify you on the Internet.
    If you want to use a proxy server you first have to find one. After that you configure your browser to connect to the Internet through this proxy server.
    Although proxy servers can make surfing safer, they could also greatly increase the risk of being online, simply because they have full control over everything that is being sent to your computer from any website.
    For more info check out this site:

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