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How does 4chan automatically know when I am using a proxy?

August 2, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Quazwrath: How does 4chan automatically know when I am using a proxy?

Every time I use a proxy to try to post something on 4chan that proxy is suddenly banned for being a proxy, even if it wasn’t banned before.
Ok, I AM being banned by 4chan, not a system admin, i get 4chan’s banned page, nothing else. I get banned for “proxy” “tor” “IP” all those things

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Answer by Anonymous
It’s a just a measure put in by Moot to stop the DDoS’ers and Scientologists.

Use Tor.

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2 Responses to “How does 4chan automatically know when I am using a proxy?”
  1. ontologicalparadox says:

    4chan does not know your using a proxy…and it does not care, or even want to block you. your being blocked by your system administrator and it is important to know that some networks have software that can monitor any computer on the network in real time exactly how you see it.

    EDIT *I see your problem.4chan has not banned you they banned the whole proxy site because people were abusing it. when you log into a proxy your useing there ip address instead of your own. that has been blocked try a different proxy or make your own at home(not sure how to do).*

  2. pxman07 says:

    Use these super fast new proxies to unblock blocked sites, enjoy

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