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How do you use a proxy, and what is a proxy exactly?

July 26, 2011 by admin  
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Question by ?HiHi!?: How do you use a proxy, and what is a proxy exactly?

I want to bypass the school’s block on youtube because I have a video clip from youtube that I want to use for a presentation. My friend told me to use a proxy, but he didn’t explain proxies. What are proxies, and how do you exactly use them?

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Answer by Stephanie Y
It bacially blocks the computers IP so it can get through school’s blocks on websites.

Here’s a really good one :]

Type it EXACTLY like that, or it won’t work.

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9 Responses to “How do you use a proxy, and what is a proxy exactly?”
  1. Rick D says:

    Goto a proxy such as and you will see an address bar where u can type a URL – Enter your url and it will bypass the school block.

    BUT Proxies get blocked all the time, so you may want to join a Yahoo Proxy Group like and you will get an email each day with several NEW unblocked proxies.

    Good Luck

  2. The Dude says:

    you can use a web proxy Here is a list for youtube thought you cant download a movie from youtube you need special software for that and that software does not work with web proxies.

  3. Psycho. says:

    Exactly. Your not allowed on Myspace during school. Your not allowed on photobucket, youtube, facebook or any of the social networking websites.

    Let me define school.

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    Australian A group of people gathered together for gambling.

  4. Yuki J says:

    New and Fresh YouTube + Myspace Proxies

    This few proxies is just launched a few days ago, so it’s very fresh. Do try it out !

  5. HasJ says:

    Free proxy servers are almost universally run by hackers looking to steal your personal information and to plant malicious code on your computer. They win either way. They get to use your computer and IP address to run their hacks and spam through, with you to blame somewhere down the road or they steal your identity and make life miserable for you.

    If they get lucky they get to do both to you.

    There is a reason they are free. Bandwidth costs money and nobody gives it away for nothing.

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