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How do I setup a Siri proxy on iPhone 4s?

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Question by : How do I setup a Siri proxy on iPhone 4s?

I have an iPhone 4s and an iPhone 4 with spire. I read to create a Free VPN on the iPhone 4s and it was created an worked successfully but the proxy I entered(it said in the tutorial to just make up a URL) into the VPN settings on the 4s did not work to connect Siri on the iPhone 4. How do I setup a proxy from the 4s to work with spire on the 4?

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3 Responses to “How do I setup a Siri proxy on iPhone 4s?”
  1. Kinda Eray says:

    Go to l3gitjailbr3aks youtube channel…he has a video there…

  2. Sara says:


    you can get a free proxy here : http://www.proxyfree.eu/
    and configure it like described in this blog : http://blog.chpwn.com/post/14843222758

  3. Sarah says:

    The only way you are going to get a proxy is buy or win one. The free listed ones are all full or closed down. I picked up some space from http://www.freespireproxy.com. This is working really well as it is dedicated server space.

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