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How do I have apps access the internet via proxy?

March 1, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Eat F: How do I have apps access the internet via proxy?

How do I have apps access the internet via proxy?
How do I set it up so that any time anything from my pc tries to access the internet, it does it through a proxy? I know how to use proxies for internet explorer but not how to set all other apps to also use them.

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Answer by Peter
You have a few options:

1 – You can tell the applications themselves to use a Proxy, as most networked applications have that sort of thing built in. This is probably the easiest method.

2 – You can implement the proxy at the router level (meaning that you configure your router in your home to use a proxy and that will force all the computers in your home to do so). How this is done depends on your router. Check your router’s manual for how to set it to use a proxy.

3 – You can use the ProxyCfg.exe tool [1] (Or it’s Vista counterpart [2]) in Windows to set up system-wide proxy settings. Note that while this may seem to apply most directly to your situation, it’s probably the most technically complicated solution. Microsoft didn’t make this easy. But hopefully the included sources will help.

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One Response to “How do I have apps access the internet via proxy?”
  1. Nan says:

    No matter what you do some applications are going to misbehave through the proxy. Either they will leak through or won’t run at all. Proxies were never designed to act as VPN’s. If you want to do it right get a real VPN and everything will work the first time around.

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